• Rachel L

          Why did you feel the need to leave a compliment by insulting her sister? You could have simply said she has great taste and left it that. Rudeness gets you nowhere.

  1. Kimberly

    LOVE IT! It’s an amazing apartment and I love how you’ve decorated it. Definitely one of the nicer homes I’ve seen and the perfect space for 2 people.

  2. Maddy

    Love your décor style. The apartment looks classy and elegant, yet also cozy and welcoming. I want to know where you got your sofa in the family room (the very light grey one), the green patterned pillows on the grey sofa, the awesome chair that matches the pillows and your lamps! Please share. TIA.

    • Laura

      Thanks! The beige sofa is from Klaussner and the green pillows were custom made with a fabric I picked to match the antique chair my mom had re-upholstered for me! The lamps are a mixture of target, pottery barn, and antiques with pottery barn shades. The grey sofa is the Henry sleeper sofa from West Elm!

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