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Gingerbread Cups & Holiday Gatherings

Posted on Dec 15, 2013 | 6 comments

Oh hey Sunday. Time is flying. I can’t believe Christmas is next week!!
Friday night was our usual low key evening.
Matt and I grabbed beers at a cozy Irish pub and then ventured on to another bar for food – we shared mussels in a delicious tomato broth and the brisket enchiladas.


I had two more parties this weekend, so I baked on Saturday! Confession: I used Trader Joe’s gingerbread cookie dough because it’s awesome and easy. I cut each round of dough in two and pressed the balls into mini cupcake holders to make gingerbread cups.



And because I love Icing, I whipped up some ‘buttercream’ and put dollops in the middle. Mmmmm.


I loved these and think I’ll make them again for Christmas. I just ordered new icing tips too, so I can make better dollops!


After filling the apartment with wonderful smells of gingerbread, I finally finished decorating our tree! How funny is that one tall branch at the top? I can’t decide if I should trim it or leave it.


We ventured out to our first party of the night – a going away gathering for our friends who are moving to Paris!


I brought the gingerbread cups, but there were all kinds of goodies!


After 2 rounds of drinks and conversation, we headed to our second stop – a Christmas party hosted by my college roomie. Here’s Matt with his bff Chris!


There was lots more good food, this time with a Mexican twist – pork tamales and the best guacamole ever from Mi Cocina (as in a restaurant here in Dallas, not my actual kitchen:))


I met so many new people and chatted for hours!


Matt and I finally walked home at 1:30 after helping clean up millions of beer bottles. Miraculously, I was able to sleep until TEN this morning, so I didn’t feel that tired today. It was a lazy Sunday, but Matt and I took a long afternoon stroll because the weather was gorgeous.

I’m ready for a productive week and then it’s time for two weeks of family, holiday food, and pure relaxation. Night!


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  1. Brendan

    Looking FABULOUS!

  2. Marie

    Definitely leave that tall branch! It is hilarious!

  3. Mom

    Leave the branch. It’s got personality. Gingerbread cups look fab. My dad would have loved them. He was a gingerbread fan!

  4. Alexa

    Where is that beautiful red shirt from??

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