1. That looks so fun! I love that everybody gets along well enough to take a vacation together. I’m not sure that that would ever fly with my in-laws and parents.

  2. Meg

    No disrespect, but do you hear how out of touch you sound to majority of your readers? People that I can only assume work, at least part time, and get to take one or perhaps two vacations a year if they’re lucky enough to get the time off and be able to afford it?

    Good for you that this is the life that you, or I suppose your husband, can afford, but perhaps you should consider the direction your blog is taking as a result. Few people want to click over to read about what it’s like to live with zero responsibility, unlimited vacations, and no work to do other than chop salads and sleep.

    You seem like a smart enough girl to see how this reads and realize that you can do a lot more with the platform this blog affords you. Just some unsolicited advice to mull over.

    • jenns

      Oh, no. I do not think the majority of her readers take it this way. I think this is awesome. I say, enjoy your 20s, do as much as you can (or even can’t) afford before the craziness of kids begins. Jealousy has an ugly face.

      Did ya’ll get to see Hemingway’s house!?

      • Laura

        Thanks:) We didn’t make it to Hemingway’s house:( I wanted to go, but just didn’t end up having time since I was there only 3 of the days.

    • Melanie

      Hate to say because I’m a big fan of your blog, Laura, but she makes a good point. I’d love to see some real content in your posts – in ADDITION to the we ate / drank / hung out here, vacationed there type posts. You’re a lucky, privileged girl – and I think you know that, so no hate towards you at all – but this commenter above is right.

      • Laura

        Thanks for wording this in a kind and respectful way. Unfortunately, I just don’t feel comfortable blogging about what’s going on behind the scenes right now. I’m hopeful that will change in the near future!

        • Ashley

          Melanie and Meg — Read a different blog if you’re not satisfied with Laura’s “content.” You two are super frustrating.

    • Lauren

      I love hearing about your fabulous trips and dining adventures. Just be yourself and ignore the haters.

    • Your comment is so rude and unnecessary. If you don’t like reading her blog, move on and find another-there are plenty out there! Just because you are jealous of her being able to go on vacations and have fun times doesn’t mean you should bring her down. Imagine how you’d feel moving hundreds of miles away from your family and having to quit your job to move with your husband for his job. We know she is trying to find a job but hasn’t been successful so far. Why not take advantage of this rare time off and have fun travelling/visiting friends and family? I would do exactly the same thing if I was in her shoes. She shouldn’t be ashamed of her current lifestyle.

    • Tonya


      You are aware that there is a sad segment of society that practices “hate reading” blogs? There’s nothing you can do for these people as it seems their brains haven’t figured out the really simple solution of ***drumroll**** JUST READ ANOTHER BLOG!

      Jeez Louise are our lives so unsatisfying that I have to DEMAND you, some woman I’ve never met fill every void, whim, or need that I have? There are thirty five BAJILLON blogs out there. I’m sure you can find 6 that will fill your need to cry about how horrible life is and what you bought at Target.

      and hell no I can’t afford to go on vacation like that either but can we all take a break from the doldrums and dream a little? Must we wallow in self pity and only read about terrible things all day? Thanks for giving me the idea to try out the Keys as our next vacay. Cheaper than leaving the country and we won’t have to worry about passports, etc

      • Laura

        Yeah, it’s a sad thing. The bullying in the blog world is worse than in the middle schools I’ve worked in!

  3. Elle

    Lovely photos! I have great memories of visiting Key West a few years ago. It’s nice to live vicariously through other people’s holiday photos when the uk is experiencing record breaking bad weather 🙁 I do like reading posts where you’re honest about career stuff etc, though I appreciate there’s a limit to how many of these you can write on a public platform, so I’m also happy to see the nice food and holiday photos!

    • Mary

      PS — I’m sorry you have so many haters. Good for you for enjoying the opportunity you have before a job comes through. There are plenty of readers out there who love looking at your gorgeous photos and drooling over the food, even if we can’t do the same 😉

  4. Lynn in San Francisco, CA

    “They’ll either want to kill you, kiss you, or be you.”
    ― Suzanne Collins, Mockingjay

    Love your posts Laura…..ignore the trolls 🙂

    • Anna

      Why are they trolls? I hate when fangirls adopt the “you are just jealous” position immediately. If Laura has a public blog, people will comment. At least she lets in negative comments. Some related bloggers refuse to ever let in or address their detractors.

      If I did not have a job and others paid for my vacations, I ‘d go!

      • Lynn is San Francisco, CA

        @ Anna: Seriously??? Here’s part of the comment from Meg: “Few people want to click over to read about what it’s like to live with zero responsibility, unlimited vacations, and no work to do other than chop salads and sleep.” Hello?? Does that not sound like an underhanded insult from a TROLL?

  5. Jamison

    I LOVE your posts!! I’ve been a lurker for a long time, I’ve just never commented, but I think you are way more honest than people give you credit for… My job was eliminated after working for the same company for 11 years, I had built a decent resume, and it took me six months to find a new job, in spite of applying constantly… that’s tough. You’ve not said you MUST find work ASAP and it’s not working out, you have shared that there have been some opportunities that you feel are perfect for you, who wouldn’t feel disappointment over not getting them?? That doesn’t mean you are saying “woe me, how will we be able to take another trip?”!! People amaze me. My husband and I have been very blessed with our finances and we’ve been able to take some nice trips, spoil… er… I mean, gift our sweet almost three-year-old with some cool educational toys, and we definitely feel scrutinized sometimes, especially when I wasn’t working. People don’t know other people’s situations and I love you sharing your travels and adventures with us!

  6. Lisa

    I think people have a tendency to forget that what is represented on a blog is small percentage of what goes on in a person’s life. It’s perfectly natural to want to share the fun exciting things that happen and not share things that may be frustrating or too personal. Just because a person is sharing one aspect of what they do doesn’t mean those few posts are all encompassing of who that person is.

    And how a person or couple chooses to spend their income is really no one else’s choice or business. Some people really enjoy traveling and going out and have the means to do so – more power do them.

    My long-time boyfriend and I are in our 30s now and both work full-time jobs while trying to start a new business (i.e., we’ve got no free time and little disposable income) – I wish I could go back to our 20s when we had the income and time to enjoy ourselves more!

    Sorry for hijacking your comments – I’m a longtime reader and fan, Laura!

    • Laura

      Thanks for your comment! You’re right about me only wanting to share the fun and exciting things – if I shared my true emotions about being unemployed, I don’t think anyone would read because my blog would be so negative..

  7. Shannon

    Hi! I have said it before, but I LOVE your blog. The only thing I am mad about is that up here in the Midwest we are having the worst winter ever and I am dying for some beach time. Or just temps above 40. And after reading both you and your sisters’ recaps I really want to go to key west. It’s so cute! If you ever stop blogging, you can feel free to email me recaps of your fun adventures!

  8. lynn

    I loved seeing these photos after being in Key West in the fall. It’s such a fun, crazy place! Thanks for sharing. Must try that wine if I can find it.

  9. Melissa

    Ohh, what I’d give for sunshine and beaches right now! Would you be able to tell me what rental you guys stayed at? I’m looking to book a trip for 8-10 and we want to rent a house but would love to hear where you guys were if you recommend it. Thanks so much!

  10. Elizabeth

    Good golly it’s astounding to me how bitter some people are, and it’s also astounding that they think they’re owed some explanation about the way you live your life! When I was 22 I was diagnosed with cancer and I took a year and a half off from working and let my parents support me….you wouldn’t believe the amount of snide comments I got about being spoiled etc. All that to say: people can be a little ridiculous when they’re jealous. I trust that you would probably rather be satisfied in a career than taking vacations, but that’s not what life has in the cards for you right now, and I applaud you for making the most of your down time! Anyway, just wanted to let you know that I enjoy your blog and will continue to read, and I hope you don’t let the negativity get to you!

    • Laura

      Well you had a lot better reason than I do! I sure hope you are in good health now! Thanks for your comment and your support:) And I would rather be satisfied with my job than at the beach, so that I could stop worrying about it!

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