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Thoughts from a Thursday

Posted on Feb 28, 2014 | 11 comments

-I’ve been eating bowls all week – farro bowl with veggie burger, rice bowl with chickpeas and curry sauce, pasta bowl with chicken sausage and red sauce, and a quinoa bowl with Mexican toppings (sidenote: I took home some of the salsa from Blue Mesa Grill that was served at the party and it is the absolute best I’ve ever had!! I must get more!)


-The daffodils are blooming in Dallas and temps are warming up. Was that winter? If so, easiest winter ever. Also, daylight savings is kinda soon!

-Do you guys have water drinking tips? I’m in a rut and need something new to motivate me. I’m trying to talk Matt into getting a soda stream.

-Sarah Jessica Parker is coming to Dallas! I’m sure it will be packed, but would be fun to go.

-TJ’s now has coconut cashews! They sure make a salad feel tropical.

-This computer is going to die any day now. If I stop posting, you’ll know why…

The weekend is here!!!!


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  1. Jackie

    Seltzer is a great way to drink more water because there’s so many flavors!

  2. Eliza

    I just force myself to drink one glass of water with every cup of coffee/glass of pop I down. Also, I use straws, because I find that I drink more water with a straw.

    Have you been to Austin? My husband has an interview there and I’m skeptical about the whole Texan thing.

  3. Anna

    You look like quite a good home baker- sideline business? ;)
    Also those bowls with stuff all glopped in look so unappetizing, but I am sure they taste good. Your food looks 100x more appetizing that kath’s.

  4. Lauren

    best advice for drinking more water? repeat after me: water water sip sip. right KATH?!

  5. Kevie

    Get a new water bottle. I just got a stainless steal Klean Kanteen, and I loooooove drinking from it! I think water tastes better out of it, too :) Also, I enjoy seltzer water. My friend got one of those Sodastream and just uses it to make seltzer water, I’m so envious of it!

    • Laura

      I should get a stainless one! I made the mistake of getting a glass water bottle recently, and I’m always afraid I’m going to break it!

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