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Thoughts from a Thursday

Posted on Mar 6, 2014 | 2 comments

-I’ve been counting down the minutes until Friday because, well, it’s Friday, but also because I get to eat Tex-Mex. I become more obsessed with every passing minute in Texas.

-Speaking of obsessed, see below:


-I went out to dinner with a new friend on Tuesday and it was such a nice weeknight treat. We had a beer with dinner and talked for over two hours (that’s a spicy shrimp wrap with slaw, btw). Week night outings are one of the things I have cut out while being unemployed – I feel like I don’t deserve these treats right now, but Tuesday made me realize just how important a girls night out can be for mental health.


-Wednesday, I was waiting to hear back about an opportunity and was feeling antsy and anxious. I broke a really nice beer glass into the dishwasher and burned two fingers in a 500 degree oven:( And then I got a knock on the door with a wedding delivery!! I wasn’t expecting to get the pillows I had registered for so long ago, so I was thrilled. Totally cheered up my day!


-I made the mistake of watching Terms of Endearment for the first time. So.sad.

-Duke/UNC watch party on Saturday night = I’m baking again this weekend!



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  1. Mom

    Terms of Endearment is one of my favorite movies. The scene where she says goodbye to her boys has stayed with me all these years.

  2. Eliza

    Waiting to hear back about a job opportunity is the worst. I hope you it works out for you!

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