1. I totally agree with you on the mushroom front. Growing up, the only time I ever had mushrooms were canned mushrooms on pizza. Canned mushrooms? Yuck. I’ve learned in the last few years that fresh mushrooms are great, though! I like to make mushroom risotto or marinate in balsamic vinegar before grilling.

    Also, what a fun post! I’ve never paired beer with Asian dishes or had this type of beer. I may need to check it out!

  2. Good thinking doing the mise en place ahead of time – makes cooking much smoother! I agree with you about the cooking in – seems as though I ate out much more in my twenties but now, in my thirties, I enjoy dinner parties with friends at home more.

    Question about the beer: do you think it would be a good pair for sushi?

  3. Kelly

    You are making me want to check out my local Asian grocery store. ft’s been way too long since I’ve been.

    I also have a random question, I’m heading out to Dallas for work this week and since you always eat at the tastiest places, I was wondering if you had a restaurant recommendation. I’m staying near Galleria Dallas and have some time for lunch before meetings and didm’t know if there was anywhere around there worth trying. Unfortunately I don’t have enough time to drive too far but hoping there might be something cool nearby.

    • Laura

      We are pretty far from the Galleria, so I’m actually not sure of any restaurants in that area – I have heard that Liberty Burger is awesome (but I haven’t been) and it’s around there. You must try to make it to Uptown or Knox-Henderson for restaurants!!

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