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East Coast Easter

Posted on Apr 21, 2014 | 10 comments

I got to spend Easter with the family! I headed to my sister’s house in Charlottesville, VA, and both my parents and Matt’s parents came from their states to join us!


No visit with my brother-in-law is complete without a beer tasting! Kanz brews his own beer and is always interested in feedback/discussion. We kicked off the weekend by comparing two different years of barleywine with the Goose Island Bourbon County Barleywine. All were delicious!


My mom and dad are pretty incredible grandparents to little Mazen and offered to take over the parenting responsibilities so the four of us could enjoy dinner on the town.


We walked to Bang! on the Charlottesville mall – it felt freezing to my Texas blood and I wore a wool coat and scarf:)


We sat at the bar while we waited for a table – I sipped on a cocktail made with bourbon and lemongrass simple syrup – delicious!


I think we ordered nine small plates for the four of us. I won’t bore you with descriptions of all of them, but my absolute favorites were the pork spring rolls,


the Thai beef with soba noodles, bok choy, and cilantro sauce,


the sesame tuna,


and the tempura haricot vert!


On Saturday, I went to a crazy athletic conditioning class with my sister – it was hard, but pretty similar to my regular Saturday morning class, and I felt incredible afterwards!


Matt, my parents, and I headed out to the countryside for some wine tasting mid-morning. I think we all have our eyes closed in this picture. We met Matt’s parents at Barboursville and enjoyed tasting some great Virginia wines.


And a picnic!


Great Harvest sandwiches, crab chips from Maryland, and a dry riesling made for the perfect lunch.



Saturday afternoon, we all retired to my sister’s giant yard for bocce ball and conversation.


Our hosts cooked an awesome spread of pulled pork, beet salad, mushroom and pea risotto, and Virginia rolls fresh from the bakery!


But some of us were most excited for dessert!


Cupcakes, peanut butter fudge, and chocolate truffles rounded out Easter dinner, and I went to bed stuffed.


We all gathered on Sunday morning for brunch, and then it was back to the airport to start the long trip home:(


Hope yall got to relax this weekend too, if you celebrate the holiday. It’s always sad saying goodbye, but there’s lots going on here this week! Positive vibes are always welcome if you want to send them my way:)


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  1. Caitlin Dios

    Hi Laura! (Long time listener, first time caller…)

    I’m moving to VA from CA in 4 weeks for Grad School… any must sees, eats, dos? (And thank you for mentioning your scarf — I’ll be sure to pack mine!)

  2. Susan

    What a great weekend! Family and Food – a great combination. Esp. loved the family portrait around the picnic table. It’s a keeper.

  3. Jackie

    What a fun filled family weekend!

  4. Rachel

    Okay – Mazen is HUGE! And I love the photo of him with all the cupcakes. Perfect!

  5. Mary

    Isn’t it funny how quickly we acclimate to our new climates? Since moving South (first to Williamsburg, VA now Springfield, MO) from Ann Arbor anytime we spend in Colorado or Michigan over the winter holidays has us shivering like there’s no tomorrow!

    PS: Your sesame tuna app looks mouth-watering!

  6. Nikki

    Hi Laura! I’m like Caitlin…long time reader, first time commenter. Just want to say I found your site through KERF, and being from Canada, I’ve enjoyed so much following your Southern adventures (first in NC, now in TX). Fun to read both Kath’s and your posts, seeing the same weekend from slightly different persepctives, and just love the shot you got of the bottles with everyone’s reflection. Anyways, thanks for sharing your little corner of the world with us, and definitely sending postive vibes :)

  7. Foodandfarm

    We went into cville Saturday night! It would have been fun to run into you guys! We went to a new restaurant on w main st. Maybe next time ;-)

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