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Thoughts from a Thursday

Posted on Jun 5, 2014 | 4 comments

How’s it going out there?


Matt and I had a wonderful anniversary celebration – we had dinner at the famous Fearings (out of this world) and the enjoyed the top layer of our wedding cake afterwards.


It was a little beat up from riding to Texas in a cooler for 3 days, but it somehow survived. I think we were too full to appreciate it right after dinner, but boy did in taste good the next day!


This week has been a good one – I picked up an extra shift at work and attempted a few new recipes to pack for lunches. And I made more banana bread because the muffins make the most incredible snack with nut butter.

Last night, Matt and I went to see Belle – it was a beautiful movie! It’s been a while since I’ve seen a good love story and I really enjoyed it. Any other good ones? I’d def. like to see Don Draper in a different role….

And now it’s time for another weekend. I don’t have a thing planned and I like it that way.


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  1. kelsey

    I’m amazed that you saved your cake an entire year!

    My next-door neighbor was just telling me about Belle, so it’s good to hear that you liked it, too! I recently saw Grand Budapest Hotel, which was as weird and quirky as you would expect from Wes Anderson:)

  2. Mary

    Happy Anniversary! Your 1st; traditional gift being paper, if I remember correctly? Dan and I most recently celebrated our 6th anniversary (candy is the traditional gift idea) and shenanigans ensued: http://orphanannie-mary.blogspot.com/2014/04/easter-anniversary-weekend.html

    Did you and Matt give each other any gifts?

    Glad you enjoyed your cake – didn’t the smell/taste of it take you back to your special day?

    • Laura

      Haha…Matt gave me a bracelet, but our real gift to each other is a trip to Turkey! The cake did bring back memories! Thanks for your comment:)

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