Chicken Scratch


Chicken Scratch has been on my list forever! It requires perfect weather, as it’s mostly outdoors. I’ve always heard that it gets packed on the weekends, so I’ve never gotten my act together to go.


This weekend was ideal because we saw 70 and sunny, and some of my college friends were in town. We arrived around noon on Sunday and had our choice of picnic tables. The atmosphere was farmyard chic, and there was a side dedicated to family-friendly dining, and a side for rowdy adults.


I enjoyed a bloody mary – my old self would be shocked that I drink tomato juice mixed with vodka – sounds so gross, but it was a good one.


Matt and I shared the spicy quinoa salad with pickled cauliflower & peppers, olives, rotisserie chicken and a chili vinaigrette – this salad rocked! For a bare-bones fried chicken place, I was impressed.


As for fried chicken, we ordered a big ole biscuit with collard greens, spicy sauce, and an egg on top. The chicken was divine – giant and juicy with just the right amount of breading.


I’m not sure what we’re doing here, but our photographer told us to make a tent with our hands. We stuck around for beers and then said goodbye:(

I definitely want to take more visitors to Chicken Scratch – the service was great and it’s super cheap too!

Hope you guys have a nice Valentine’s Day:)