Standard Pour


It’s the eve of a long weekend! I just went to a lovely yoga class, and now I’m relaxed and ready for Friday. Other than a dinner reservation, we don’t have much on the agenda. You?

I owe yall a blog post from last weekend – Starting with Friday evening, Matt and I walked to our neighborhood bar for a dark n’ stormy. It’s been very dark and stormy for weeks here, so it was nice to get a moment outside on a patio.


I discovered a fermented salsa verde at WF, and thought it would be excellent with tequila lime salmon burgers (also at WF) – so that’s what we had for dinner. Although it takes a little getting used to, I now love the salsa and hope it might help balance the ol’ gut.


Saturday, we made our way to Uptown on a long walk to use a gift card at The Standard Pour. Although it’s more of a cocktail bar then a dinner destination, both the food and service were great. I ordered a glass of Malbec and we tried the shrimp and peanut lettuce wraps. It’s funny that 5 or so years ago I hated lettuce wraps, claiming that they are too healthy. I loved these!


I had the arctic char with corn and asparagus, and it was very good as well – nice and light for summer.


I also enjoyed some of Matt’s bbq quail!


The portions were pretty small – we weren’t stuffed after dinner, which was nice for a change. We decided to do a rare and crazy thing, and get a a cocktail after dinner. When did we get so old?

We walked over to an old favorite – the adorable Bowen House. The bartenders will create anything you like. I told ours that I couldn’t decide between a bourbon drink and something made with prosecco, so he ran with the idea and combined both. I’m not sure what else was in here, but it was a fantastic night cap.
Happy Memorial Day!
  • Elyse
    May 25, 2015 at 4:27 pm

    Looks yummy!

    I had to laugh at the when did we get old, this weekend I had heartburn for the first time EVER and it was awful. Apparently 28 is the new 68.

    • Laura
      June 8, 2015 at 10:34 am

      Oh no – I’m lucky I haven’t had that yet!