Madrina’s Mezcal

Amazing Restaurants

It was a lovely weekend with some seriously delicious eats. My cold took over my life for quite a long time, and it just felt amazing to feel back to normal this weekend. Friday night, we stopped by to see friends as they put their kids to bed. We had a quick drink, and then left them to enjoy their peace and quiet.


On the way home, I stumbled upon some sweet potato gnocchi at Whole Foods – I made the same combination as I made last time plus some pesto. The WF version so soo much better than my homemade dough:)


We opened a miniature bottle of wine that we brought home from France – it was a little light, but paired perfectly with dinner. I think we watched New Girl, but I can’t quite remember. I fall asleep during it almost every Friday, even though it’s my favorite show right now.


Saturday was packed – I spent some time touching up paint around the house, gym, grocery store, mall, liquor store for a gathering this weekend, and then met up with friends for cocktails before dinner. I had a Manhattan, and we heard all about our friends’ trip to Mexico City. I want to visit!


The main event was dinner at Madrina, a new French inspired Mexican restaurant. I had the most amazing drink – Vida Mezcal, Blanco Tequila, Pampalmouse, Agave Nectar, Angostura Bitters. I was raving about it throughout dinner, and it was so strong, that I donated a few sips to Matt. I can’t believe how much Texas has made me love tequila.


Dinner was fantastic. I tried out my iPhone camera, and it wasn’t that great. I’m sad because I was hoping I might be able to use it instead of my camera, but the low light pictures didn’t come out well. Above, we had the crispy wild mushrooms to start, and since I’m obsessed with good mushrooms, I knew I’d love this dish.


Our two entrees were pretty different. Our waiter talked us into the roasted goat tacos – we had a similar dish in Argentina and enjoyed it, so we gave it a try. Tasted like a cross between short ribs and turkey, and the sauce was great. This made a lot of tacos!


We also had the roasted halibut with white beans and chorizo. This dish was subtle, but the chorizo gave it a kick. The service was a little slow (which we actually like most of the time), and they ran out of lamb (which was what we originally ordered). Overall, though, the tequila and food was outstanding. I definitely want to go back!

I’ve got a fun weekend coming up, so this week is inching by. Hope y’all have a good one.