1. Colleen

    I’ve taken a break from Blue Apron and switched to Hello Fresh. It’s definitely less prep work, but I don’t think the recipes are as innovative. Most of what I’ve made (granted I’ve only gotten two orders) are recipes I could have cobbled together on my own. That being said, if you just like the convenience of not thinking about recipes and getting it delivered to your door, they’re all good recipes, and much easier prep than Blue Apron. I have free meals to give away if you’re interested.

  2. Heather

    When you’re out of the first month and ready to cook again, try Chef’d, it’s the best service we’ve found. There’s no subscription or recurring charges. You choose any meal you want and simply order it. Tons of options/variety and lots of creative recipes. We’ve loved it! I can send you a discount coupon if you want some $$ off your first order. Congrats to you guys!

  3. Anne

    Low alcool beer are the best while bf, at first, the baby wants to eat every 1-2 hours and sometimes 2 times in a row, so it’s difficult to “calculate” what we can drink… Now, after 3 months, I can drink 2 glasses of wine because I know I have 3 hours after a feeding. Cheers 🙂

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