1. Get the ottoman. And don’t get discouraged about going past your due date. Critter waited until the evening before I was supposed to be induced to really kick-off labor. Little Miss will arrive!

  2. Linda

    Yes – I agree with getting an ottoman. You will be spending a lot of time in the chair and will enjoy being able to stretch out and put your feet up. I also like to have a full sized blanket on my chair so I could cover up during night feedings. My daughter was not a good sleeper and I spent many nights in the rocker all night long. My son was totally different and it was easy to do a quick feed in the chair and then back to the crib.

    Looks like you are ready. Good luck – You’ll do great!!

  3. Bee

    How exciting, you are so close! I agree with getting the ottoman too. Also, this is random, but I’d keep a stability ball handy to bounce on — best way to soothe a fussy baby. Much more efficient than pacing around. Wishing you the very best!

  4. Sr168

    Another (late to the party) vote for an ottoman, particularly if you can find one that you like with some concealed storage.
    The nursery looks lovely – isn’t it crazy how much changes in lighting/angles make colours in photographs read so very differently – both for you and baby. Random question – what is hanging from the ceiling in the first photograph of the nursery? Crystals/mobile?
    You also look great – the last few days are a very strange blend of feelings, it’s amazing to think how utterly your lives are about to be changed forever!

  5. Don’t resign yourself to not working out for 6-8 weeks. If you have a relatively smooth labor and delivery you may be able to work out sooner. I asked my Dr in advance if I really had to wait 6 weeks (I’m very active and ran up to 38 weeks) and she said she could tell I was the type to go crazy without exercise and said that as long as it was a smooth delivery and I felt up to it, I could start working out again at 2 weeks! I had a few tiny tears requiring 2-3 stitches after delivery and was out walking the day we came home from the hospital. I walked 1-2 miles at a time and never overdid it. I didn’t feel ready to run at 2 weeks but at 3 weeks I did a normal yoga class and at exactly a month after having my daughter, I went for my first run! Minus a little pee leak towards the end (!), it was amazing! But if you don’t feel ready yet, don’t feel pressured to start exercising right away! Just wanted to share it doesn’t have to be 6-8 weeks! 🙂 Good luck!

    • That’s encouraging! As long as I can walk, I won’t go crazy – for some reason I was thinking even walking was off limits for a while…

  6. Anne

    Ottoman is pratical for bf. For the activity after delevery, I took one full week in the bed, just to be sure, the pelvic floor needs it, it was a good suggestion from my midwives. I only begin with 5-10 minutes walks, up until I was able to do big ones, but only after 3 weeks I was walking 1h30-2h. Walking was my best friend=baby was sleeping for long stretchs. I began power yoga after 2 months. I decided to be carefull with jumping after (like hiit), no jumping for 6 months is what a physio, who specializes in pelvic floor reeducation, recommands, it is not only for now, it is for our olds days…

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