T-Giving Staycation

Weekend Recap

Hope y’all had a nice Thanksgiving! We had a great time with Matt’s parents. And, of course, they loved meeting Emerson. They were here for 5 days, which meant I got lots of help with diaper changes, dishes, and baby entertaining:)


Em loved her first Thanksgiving, although she pooped in her turkey onesie and slept through the meal.


The food was delish and came together in no time with the help of Matt’s mom.


We ordered a carrot cake from Unrefined – their cakes are a bit more savory, so it was a nice substitute for pumpkin pie. Matt’s dad, who doesn’t have much of a sweet tooth, ate a piece for breakfast:) I’m hoarding 3 more pieces in the freezer!


The rest of the visit was a nice mix of relaxing with baby and talking walks in the sunshine. We had great weather! It’s this time of year that I fall in love with Texas.


We also had dinner at Mudhen Meat & Greens one night and LUCK another night,


and met up with friends at Lakewood Brewery.


It was such a fun staycation, and now it’s back to just Emerson and me (and Matt after 5:))


Christmas is sooo close though, and I’m excited to see everyone again!