1. Stephanie

    The safest seating arrangement for a baby on an airplane is the same as in a car–buckled rear-facing into a car seat. This is especially true for take-offs and landings, as well as any time when the seat belt sign is on. Most people don’t want to pay for the extra seat, though, while they can get away with it. Probably more risky than any seating arrangement, though, is the amount of germs you’ll encounter as you fly. My husband is an airline pilot and we’ve flown hundreds of times with our kids since they were babies. No seating injuries but many post-flight colds! We waited to fly with our youngest until he was almost two so his immune system would be stronger. Hope you have a great, safe, not-too-germy flight!

  2. Sarah

    Agree! While buying a seat while you don’t have to is painful, if it’s a cheap flight, it’s worth it. Safety aside, we bought our daughter her own seat after age one because we flew with her at 9 months and it was terrible because she was so squirmy (until about 7-8 months, this shouldn’t be a problem). We’ve gotten her used to the idea that , like in a car,she always sits in a car seat during a flight, making our flights relatively painless. I don’t think you need to do it for your first flight while Emerson is tiny but worth considering in a year or so

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