1. Tara

    I followed you over from Kath’s blog, and I really enjoy reading the updates about you, Matt, and sweet little Emerson. My daughter is almost 21 and is at college (two hours away!), so it’s almost like I’m reliving those baby years through your posts. I’ve also always been a single mama, so I understand the “So I’m on my own??!!” feeling. But, you got this. And if there are times you think you don’t, call in reinforcements. I promise you they’ll be happy to help. Thank you so much for sharing, Laura! 🙂

  2. Liz

    Saw on your IG that she slept through the night. PLEASE TELL ME YOUR SECRETS. 🙂 My son is about 3 weeks younger I think, and he just started regressing at night. He was doing ~6 hour stretches about a week and a half ago, now he does maybe 3-4, then 2 hour stretches the rest of the night. Did Emerson experience any of the 4 month sleep regression? It’s really killing me and I need to believe it will end soon…

    • I think it was just luck because it hasn’t happened since:( She’s still swaddled (Ollie swaddle) and has gone back to waking up once around 1:30. She had a bit of regression, but only for about a week. The biggest thing I’ve noticed since turning 4 months is that she wakes up crying about an hour after I put her down – once I get her back to sleep though, she’s still doing a 5-6 hour stretch and then another 4-5 hour stretch. I may start doing a dream feed around 10, but pumping a bottle every night seems like a pain to me.

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