1. Glad you got the whole blog restored. Appreciate what you shared about the difficult parts of the trip – the first time we took Critter to the Cabin was like…four mos? By the time we were done w the summer he was almost seven. I was blown away by how much “work” our vacations were. But on the other hand, nicer scenery to be in. Allegedly it gets easier.

  2. Sandy

    Any parent has been though the tough stage of dining out but I really think it is important to take them and let them get used to it. THen they get better with age. Vacations are not really vacations for moms but it is nice to have new scenery and your husband to spend time with. With multiple kids you end up splitting the time while babies nap and one of you takes the others to the beach or on adventures. Constantly changing but a really important part of raising kids. I caught a cold while traveling last week too and it is murder. I haven’t been able to breath or sleep for a week! Even harder if you have a fussy baby too.

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