1. Brae

    You should definitely try Pure Spoon Purees. They are amazing and my kiddo LOVES them… and I put them in my afternoon smoothie.
    Not sure if they are available where you are- but from what I know- they are nationwide at Whole Foods, etc.- oh- and I think they just launched on Amazon Prime?

  2. Brae

    Failed to mention- the great thing about Pure Spoon- certified organic refrigerated HPP baby purees! Cold Pressed for babies! Only one of its kind.

  3. Oh man. Here is the thing about baby led weaning. We all say we are going to do it and then you realize your baby has no idea of what the hell that orange stick you just put on their tray is (sweet potato) and they cannot figure out what to do next with it. Plus if it actually does make it to their mouth it always looks like they are about to choke on something.

    THIS IS NOT IN THE BOOKS. Also this is the experience of you, me and my whole mom group.

    All of this is to say, give Em different purees and rice cereals and whatnot so that she is exposed to a variety of flavors and gets the idea of meals as a routine thing throughout the day. Give her some finger foods at the same time and let her play with them each meal. Sooner or later the motor skills will improve and she’ll get it. For now you are doing just fine!

  4. Sarah

    I think it depends on when you start feeding solids- we waited until 6 months, and my daughter only tolerated purees for about a month , and then (around 7 months) she started grabbing the spoon and little by little we started adopting more baby led weaning and now (8 months) she feeds herself almost exclusively. Just takes time!

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