1. Lara

    I just want to say I love reading your updates, especially about motherhood (my daughter is 3 months younger than E), they seem to be a lot more “real” than other bloggers. Thank you!

  2. Liz

    Wow, Hawaii! You’re a brave soul 😉 My son is a couple weeks younger than your cutie and we took him on a 3 hour flight at the beginning of May, so he was about 6 months old. OMG. He WOULD NOT SLEEP (either going to or coming home). He eventually got bored with us trying to entertain him and unfortunately did scream some (it really wasn’t that bad/that much but I was so horrified with the idea of bothering other passengers that I was super stressed out over it – I really need to get over that). My stress levels were through the roof the whole time even though he was actually fine most of the time. I always wanted to be the type of travel with my kids because we traveled a lot before him and I wanted to share the world with him, but I was kind of scarred by the experience, again, even though it wasn’t even that bad at the end of the day!
    Sorry, this isn’t very helpful! No advice that you don’t already know from flying with her. I remember you saying she did great on the flights I think, so maybe I just was unlucky! I’m sure the flight will be worth it in the end for a great vacation!

    • Oh no! That sounds hard, and I’m definitely worried about what other passengers think too. We just landed in LAX and she slept for two hours – I think the sound from the plane and being snuggled up with me and the wrap makes her sleepy. Maybe you could try again to see if it was just a fluke…

  3. Rachel

    We took our 2 year old to Hawaii and it was a blast! The plane rides weren’t that bad because they were broken up, so none of the flights were terribly long. Hawaii is such a family friendly place and so beautiful — it will be worth it! Have you looked into renting baby equipment? We rented a crib, stroller, and beach stuff, and they were already at our condo when we arrived. It was awesome not to have to worry about bringing any of that stuff, espcially with all of the plane changes! We used http://www.nanaenterprises.com/ but there are plenty to choose from.

    My other recommendation is to check most of your luggage — yes, it might cost some $$, but you don’t want to be trying to cart all of your luggage, baby, baby stuff, etc., when dealing with plane changes, etc. We learned that the hard way!

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