1. Marissa

    I weaned at 14 months only because I was 8 weeks preg with #2 & sick as a dog! If Emerson loves it & you are able to continue to do it, I don’t see why you would wean! You have to do what’s right for yall though. Had I not been preg, I probably would’ve weaned around 18 months as baby was already getting really active/squirmy while on the boob at 14 months.

  2. Jordan Fellows

    I weaned at 7 months – I had been back at work since 4 months and was really sick of pumping. I tried keeping the morning/evening feeds after I stopped pumping, but my supply really tanked after that. Do whatever works best for you!

  3. Evereve does Trendsend. I have not done one because I am a pregnant person but it seems cute and a little more mature? Idk. I think all of the Stitchfix clothes look the same.

    Critter weaned himself at 10 mos? He was biting and drawing blood so it was pretty obvious. I think do what works for you. So if cutting everything but the AM session works best for you and Em do that. If going longer works do that. It is hard to figure out.

  4. I weaned all four of my girls at about 18 months. I waited until they lost interest. I would have gone longer if they had wanted to. If your daughter still loves to breastfeed, why stop? It is such a special time!

  5. Kate

    I am having the same internal conflict with myself over breastfeeding my 13 month old! I am ready to stop but also feel a bit selfish to stop as my daughter loves it too (same as your babe she loves the morning feeding). I have noticed the amount feedings have really started dropping since 1 year bday so I plan on seeing how it goes the next little while I hopes she weans herself. I do love it still despite of being ready to stop!

    • Same here. I’m ready, but I have no real reason to quit, so I feel a little guilty. I think if I can drop that mid-day feeding at daycare then I’ll be ok to just see how it goes for a little longer.

  6. My son weaned naturally at a year. My daughter weaned around 14 months, but at that point I was only nursing at night and she wasn’t getting much. It was probably more out of habit than anything else. But knowing she was my last it was harder to let go of that.

  7. Leigh

    I give you a lot of credit making it this far! I am starting work on Friday and feel hopeful about pumping but a little wary of how I’ll make it work. I’m a nurse but not on a crazy-busy unit so I will get my brakes but it is SUCH a commitment. I would love to read a post about how you’ve made it work!

    Also, sorry about Em’s croup 😞 My babe has her first mild-seeming head cold after two weeks at daycare part time and it’s tough getting sleep with her still in th bassinet. When she gets home all she wants to do is nurse and sleep on me so I settle in and watch a few episodes of the haidmaids tale.

    • Thanks! It is such a commitment, and I don’t think I would have made it this far if I had to pump. My school has a nursery on site, so I am able to breasted Emerson without pumping!

      Good luck on Friday, and I hope the babe feels better by then!

  8. Betsy

    Haven’t tried Stitchfix, but thinking about it. My sister actually uses a clothing subscription service for her 18 month old daughter- Darling Duck.

  9. Katie

    I like Trunk Club – through Nordstrom for me and I’m in love with Mac & Mia for my baby girl. I’m also struggling with when/how to wean.

  10. A

    We are the only developed country to stop nursing at 1. Every other one suggests two or beyond for the health of the child so it’s not weird or gross to do it past one like a lot of people make you feel. When I had my first I stopped around 14 months because I felt that’s what I was supposed to do. With my other ones I’ve done it longer and so wish I would have with my oldest too.

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