1. Lindsay

    Just wanted to leave a solidarity comment! My husband is a corporate lawyer, working 80+ hr weeks and knows he can’t sustain this once we start having a family (which is hopefully soon!) He’s currently interviewing for a position in another state, and while I really don’t want to leave my job and friends, it’s probably worth it to get my husband back!

  2. Whitney S

    Confirm! My husband deployed with a civilian contractor for a year, then we moved from Texas to Maryland and he worked in and out of state for the next 2 years. A job in the barren desert of California came up, that would have no travel!!, and we jumped on it! We knew it was time to have kids and the sorta-together lifestyle wasn’t going to cut it! Best – and hardest! – thing we’ve ever done. Now we are in East Texas again, with 2 kids and he’s a University professor at our Alma Mater. What a wild ride.

  3. Leigh

    Exciting adventure! I live in the NJ suburb of NYC and work on the Upper East Side. You’ll probably love it! Lots to do within walking distance for kids and Brooklyn may be hip but also is exploding with young families!

  4. Melissa

    How exciting, a new chapter for you all. Having Matt home every night will be worth it. Will you be home full time with Emerson? Can’t wait to see your adventures in NYC!

    • I’m going to stay home for a couple of months, and take some time to experience being a full time mom and think about what I might want to do next

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