Day in the Life: 15 Months

Baby Brooklyn Life

When did Emerson become a toddler?  We’re finally starting to get into a rhythm.  Here’s a peek into our new life in Brooklyn:

7:25 – I wake up when Matt gets in the shower and rejoice that we’re in the 7’s.  Emerson has been waking up at 6 the past two weeks, and I’m so thankful for the extra sleep. A few minutes later, I hear Em and Matt goes to get her while I make tea and peanut butter-ize my oatmeal. I make Emerson milk and a banana and we eat breakfast on the couch.  I am not a morning person and can’t function when I first wake up.

7:40 – Matt leaves and we play in the kitchen – Emerson loves taking all the things out of the recycling bin and putting then back in.  I feed her yogurt with oatmeal and blueberries for breakfast. I Vox with my mom and sis.

8:30 – We both get dressed to get ready to go to the gym since I have an appointment for child watch.

9:15 – We put on coats and leave for the Y.  It’s downstairs (so thankful for this!!) and we get there at 9:20.  Emerson cries the second she sees us heading towards the child watch door, but then is happily playing with toys within a few minutes.

9:30 – I go to a class and the time flies by.

10:30 – There is a baby and toddler yoga right after my class, so I give Emerson a snack and we check out the class. It’s a hoot – toddlers running everywhere and moms and dads doing poses while singing songs and making animals noises. So glad I tried it!

11:45 – We hurry home so I can give Em lunch and get her to bed.  We’re attempting the one nap thing this week, so I’m trying to be extra consistent. I unload half the dishwasher and eat hummus and plantains while Emerson eat’s lunch.

12:20 – We read books and Em goes down. Cue mad rush to complete all.the.things.  First, I shower and put away some clothes in our room. I straighten the kitchen and clean the high chair. I throw dinner in the crockpot.  I have a lunch of leftover meatloaf,  brussels + carrots, an orange and a seltzer. I sit down and Google travel ideas while I enjoy lunch and then write half of this post and get started on another. I get my inbox from 100+ to 80.

3:15 – Em wakes up (3 hour nap!!!!) and we both have snacks and cuddle a bit.

4:00 – We go out to grab more milk and wine for friends on Wednesday. It starts to rain so I decide to head home without doing anything else.

5:00 – On the way back up to our apartment, we find a package from Grammie with food items for Em’s new doll, Jenna.  Cue excitement and 30 minutes of playing with Jenna.

5:30 – I give Emerson her bath (side note: any tips for getting her to stop drinking the bath water??)

6:00 – I assemble Em’s dinner from the crockpot and fridge – chicken and beans from the chicken chili, pears, carrots, and milk. I drink a kombucha and snack on things as I put them away.

6:45 – Em runs around with Jenna’s new bottles and then we brush teeth and read books in preparation for bed.

7:15 – She usually goes right down, but is crying tonight, so I go back in and rock her a bit.

7:30 – I enjoy my chicken chili!

8:15 – Matt gets home and I eat a bowl of cereal while he eats his dinner and we catch up on life.

9:00 – Matt and I hang out on the couch and chat while working on our computers.

10:00 – We get ready for bed and watch the new bachelor on my computer since we no longer have cable.

10:45 – Sleep!!


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    January 9, 2018 at 7:18 am

    wow! does Emerson typically sleep ~12 hours a night with a 3 hour nap? that is incredible. I could count on 1 hand the number of 3 hour naps my kids took at that age.

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      January 9, 2018 at 8:21 am

      That was definitely an awesome day of sleep! I would say she normally sleeps 11 hours with a two hour nap

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    January 9, 2018 at 10:53 am

    Where did you get Emerson’s boots? I need something similar for my girl about the same age. Also, that is a very long day to be on your own with a toddler. I feel for you and think it’s awesome how busy you are staying.

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      January 10, 2018 at 12:27 pm

      It is a long day! Her boots are actually baby UGGs I found on Thread Up. I’m sure they cost a small fortune if you buy them new 🙂

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    January 9, 2018 at 4:21 pm

    Love reading a day in the life of other mama’s! I have a 17 month old daughter so our days are very similar and I also rejoice when we wake up in the 7s as she has recently been doing the 6s and that little extra bit makes a difference! I’m not sure if this would warrant a post but would love to hear more what you did to wean as we are still nursing off and on during the day and I think it’s time we stop! My daughter never took a soother so I am more reluctant to give up the nursing since it’s her main comfort but it feels like it’s time.


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      January 10, 2018 at 1:48 pm

      I’d say you should working on getting down to one feeding first – if she asks for milk or looks like she’s interested in nursing, then give her some warm milk instead. Emerson was only feeding in the mornings and was used to snuggling in bed with me and nursing – on the day that I stopped, I got up before her and had a warm bottle ready, and then I still brought her in bed and gave her the bottle while snuggling with her. She now gets comfort from putting her hands down my shirt and pinching my skin – a little weird in public but I let her do it since I know she was sad to wean. Also, I’ve been giving her goat milk sometimes, as I’ve heard it tastes more similar to breastmilk. Good luck!

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    January 12, 2018 at 2:42 pm

    Love seeing a glimpse into your “new” lifestyle! Do you like being at home? Do you think you’ll work in Boston next school year? Also, what is “vox”? Thanks! Love seeing you blog more!

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      January 13, 2018 at 4:27 pm

      Thanks for reading! I like being at home, but I do miss working. Not sure what I’ll do next school year. Voxer is like a walkie-talkie app that lets you talk instantly to friends!

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    January 17, 2018 at 8:09 pm

    Sounds like you have found the perfect combination of handling Emerson while also giving yourself time. I would love it if my gym was just down stairs … but I live in Central IL and I have to drive in order to get to the gym, UGH! Do you think your plan is to stay at home now? If not, where might you consider working?

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      January 17, 2018 at 8:47 pm

      Having the gym downstairs is THE BEST! I think that’s my plan for now. I definitely need a few more months to try it out and decide what’s best – like I said, the whole maternity leave thing really bugs me. Plus, Emerson is at the most amazing age right now.

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    January 23, 2018 at 1:29 am

    Oh man is that a typical day? Our babes are the same age and although my husband leaves at 7, he’s always home at 5:30 to help 50/50 with the whole bed bath bedtime routine. I guess having gym childcare so convenient is helpful for your sanity! Boston charges an arm and a leg for that. So thankful for our schedule tho!

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