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Recent Reflection

Life Ramblings

The one thing that has been really nice about this big life change is that it’s given me a chance to reflect – that first year of being a mom plus working and making the decision to jump ship left me feeling like I couldn’t think clearly. Now, I have lots of [semi] alone time on my hands! Moving to a big city has made me reminisce about our time in Boston, and leaving Dallas has made me think a…

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Apartment Tour

Brooklyn Life

Welcome to my open house. I’ll start with Emerson’s room – it’s a bit packed, as we wanted to bring our fold-out couch. The light in this room is hard to capture, but it’s so white and bright! I love our bedroom – it’s small and simple with a pleasant view in the morning. Still need to figure out where to hang those pics. The hallway leads from the living/dining area to the two bedrooms.  We’re using it for storage…

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Thoughts from a Thursday


-I’m a real northerner now, as I thought the 40 degree weather we had yesterday was practically beach weather. -Who’s with me that January is the worst month?  I feel like it’s S-L-O-W-L-Y dragging by. -I know there are fabulous restaurants here, but I really miss Dallas restaurants – they are so big and new and everything is indoor-outdoor. Brooklyn is full of adorable hole-in-the-wall places that are not so great for strollers, high chairs, or small beings that make…

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Day in the Life: 15 Months

Baby Brooklyn Life

When did Emerson become a toddler?  We’re finally starting to get into a rhythm.  Here’s a peek into our new life in Brooklyn: 7:25 – I wake up when Matt gets in the shower and rejoice that we’re in the 7’s.  Emerson has been waking up at 6 the past two weeks, and I’m so thankful for the extra sleep. A few minutes later, I hear Em and Matt goes to get her while I make tea and peanut butter-ize…

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Ringing in 2018

Brooklyn Cooking Weekend Recap

It’s funny, thinking back to last year, I remember being a bit disappointed I couldn’t go out to a fancy restaurant and drink lots of cocktails for NYE.  This year?  I was so excited for a night on the couch with Matt. I planned the menu and Matt went and got all the groceries on Saturday, so we could relax and enjoy Sunday a bit more. I joined the Y last week, so I checked out a total body conditioning…

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2018 Goals

Cooking Life Ramblings Travel

I’d say these are loose goals – I don’t like putting too much pressure on myself to change, but I certainly welcome January as a time to reflect and make improvements. -Invest in friendships new and old – important for my sanity right now. -Spend some time thinking about future career goals and possibilities. -Write more blog posts – I’ve got the time now, so why not? I installed a new theme to make things look a bit more modern…

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Year in Photos

Life Ramblings Travel

So many amazing things to celebrate this year – I couldn’t resist sharing! Our first vacation as a family of three Emerson learning to eat solids Visiting Ojai Valley for a wedding Our annual beach trip Making the trek to Maui for our first visit to Hawaii Kath’s wedding in CVille Emerson’s first taste of buttercream A long trip to Bald Head with both families Moving to Brooklyn Not pictured low-points: Middle-of-the night feedings and wake-ups for months on end;…

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Christmas Moments


Hope those of you who celebrate Christmas had a lovely time. We were down in my hometown of Hillsborough, NC visiting family and friends. My parents actually bought a new house for retirement and this was our first time staying there! I’ll leave you with a few highlights from our trip. A solo run on the very cool River Walk in Hillsborough. I’m not much of a runner outside of quick jaunts with the BOB, but this trail left me…

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Exploring Manhattan + Date Night

Restaurant Reviews

Happy holidays! Christmas crept up on me this year. Matt and I wanted to explore Manhattan a bit because everyone recommended checking out the Christmas markets and decor. We kind of blew it with timing though as we waited until the last Saturday before Christmas – rookie mistake. Emerson seemed nervous on the subway and held on to her stroller:) We made our way to Rockefeller center to see the tree, and quickly realized that the crowds were miserable, especially…

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