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Steamboat: The Food

Posted on Aug 17, 2012 | 4 comments

Well, we’ve been eating for 4 days and I’ve got lots to share with you.


A big draw for us to vacation in Colorado was all the beer! I enjoyed a summer wheat beer from Odell and an amber from the Alaskan Brewing Co., while enjoying great view of the cute Yampa River. Happy hours seem to be big here and you can easily get a pint for $2!



We stayed in a studio room at the Trailhead Lodge, which had a little kitchen, living room, and a nice balcony. Surprisingly, we actually found ourselves so content in our little room that we decided to eat in not one, but two nights! That’s so not like me, but I just found staying in to be more relaxing on this trip, especially since we could hit up happy hour and then come home and have a laid back evening.


On our first night, we got a six pack of Moose Drool and ordered an amazing pizza that was packed with pineapple, bacon, jalapenos, chicken, ad bbq sauce. It was ridiculous.


For lunch the next day, we checked out the highly recommended Creekside Cafe and it did not disappoint. I had an enormous falafel wrap and the famous green chile soup.


And for dinner, we tried the Mahogany Ridge Brewery – brewpubs can be hit or miss and this one was a big hit. We tried all the beers and enjoyed the amber, rye, cherry ale, and brown the best.


And my tuna with israeli couscous and chimichurri was excellent.


For burger night, we picked up a bottle of wine and sipped it out on our balcony.


And then we went down to the giant fireplace! Temps were in the 50’s at night and the warmth was much needed.


Matt took care of the meat and made great blue cheese burgers.

Fudge from the candy store was for dessert!



Mmmmm. Peanut butter cup and salted caramel!


The highlight of our dining experiences in Steamboat was Cafe Diva. I read Trip Advisor reviews when choosing most of the restaurants and found them to be very accurate for Steamboat.


Warm focaccia started the meal, and I even tried one of the green olives!


Matt and I shared the pork belly lettuce wraps with peanut sauce – phenomenal!



I loved my entree because it was soo unique.


It was a huge Asian sesame and lentil cake in a curry coconut broth with black rice salad and pickled watermelon rind. The whole dish was bursting with flavor and I really loved the texture of the cake with the black rice.


I tried some of Matt’s Elk and liked it too!!


Yesterday was our last day in Steamboat, and I really didn’t want to leave without trying the famous giant cinnamon roll. Oh my goodness, it exceeded expectations! The icing was a mix between cream cheese and buttercream, so it was basically like eating cake for breakfast.


Of course, I balanced the roll with this awesome trifecta salad for lunch – quinoa and peach, sweet potato and ricotta, and farro and apple salads all on one plate! The food in Steamboat was just wonderful, and though I’m sad to leave, I’m pretty excited to check out the Denver food scene. I’ll report back.

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Breakfast of Champions + Crumbs

Posted on Dec 20, 2010 | 6 comments

Man, have I eaten well in 2010. I have so much good food to share with you guys. I’ll start with yesterday’s dinner because I didn’t get to it last night. In the spirit of using up every morsel in our house before heading to NC, I decided to get rid of these chip crumbs in Sunday’s dinner.


I crunched the tortillas a bit with my hands and then combined them with paprika, salt, and pepper and dipped egg-white covered tilapia filets into the mix. They cooked for about 4 minutes on each side before I declared them done.

The texture was nice and crispy and the corn flavor went well with a dollop of bbq sauce.

In keeping with the southern theme of this dinner, I made Kath’s collard greens with ham (minus the beans). Loved these greens with maple syrup! The meal made for a nice sunday suppa.

This AM one of my supervisors graciously hosted a holiday breakfast for all of the interns at her amazing home. There was an outstanding spread of foods, all homemade by the supervisors and other staff.

Starting with an feta + olive quiche.

Baked french toast…wait for it…

with a raspberry grand marnier syrup!!!!!!!

A lovely chocolate bread (from a local bakery?)…

apple + blueberry crisp…

and oreo chocolate balls!!

I had a taste of almost everything on round one and went back for crisp plus more french toast.

Every single thing taste absolutely incredible, but I think the french toast and oreo ball were my favorites.

This ball was SOO intense! Like a jumbo triple chocolate truffle. I may have snagged a few for my freezer…

Everything went down nicely with spiced apple cider too.

Someone was jealous of all the fun eats.


T’was a glorious morning of ‘work.’ Unfortunately, my 3-day headache worsened after I finished eating. I ended up taking some migraine meds, so I wasn’t able to concentrate very well for the rest of the day because of the bright lights and the jitters. Given my headache, this afternoon’s snow, and a doctor’s apt., I opted to skip the gym and just relax. Aside from the headache, I’ve actually been feeling pretty good lately. I haven’t mentioned my stomach issues on the blog in a while, which is a good sign! Since cutting out coffee :( and starting a medication for reflux disease, I seem to be doin’ alright (knock on wood).

That’s about all my news, how are you guys?

PS: tomorrow is essentially Friday!!!!!

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Muffalicious Morning

Posted on Dec 13, 2010 | 9 comments

What a pleasant Monday.

I arose early this morning because I had an IEP meeting at 8:30. Though my guests could have continued to sleep, they got up at 7 to make Matt and I real oatmeal, complete with a cinnamon muffin from the Seabreeze Cafe!


Although the skies were grey today, I still enjoyed the warm-ish weather and I was productive enough at work to consider it a successful Monday. When I came home from work, my apartment was perfectly clean, as if no one had been there all weekend. Kath and Kanz are the best house guests you could ask for:)

I spent some time on the bike this afternoon and then threw together a meal I remembered enjoying last month.


Cranberry blue cheese quinoa with veggies and a potato masala burger. Love this flavor combo.

I usually don’t have the energy to venture off the couch after dinner, but I was motivated by the thought of a solitary trip to Whole Foods with ample time to peruse the aisles. Matt and I usually do the shopping on Sunday afternoons when the stores are packed and our time is limited, but I had to go this evening because we obviously did not go yesterday and we’re out of food. I spent a solid hour there looking at fun products and calculating exactly how much I was spending. I actually under spent for the first time in ages and still came home with tons of good stuff, including the first grapefruit of the season!! I couldn’t resist a bowl of peanut butter bumpers when I got home – perfect pre-bedtime snack.

I’m soo excited to be at home with no more big papers/reports to write and nothing huge to be done around the apt. Perhaps tonight is the night I will begin my bi-annual book club reading for the upcoming family gathering…

Good night.
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Banana Cakes

Posted on Dec 10, 2010 | 12 comments

Happy happy Friday friends. How often do you wake up to your house guests making pancakes!? Kanz was a-cookin Kodiak cakes bright and early this morning.


He added lots of fun toppings to the batter: choc chips, bananas, flax seeds, and shredded coconut :

I topped mine with more bananas + regular Trader Joe’s and Nutty’s cinnamon raisin peanut butters. Delicioso.

I worked hard on report writing all day and essentially finished the report that’s due after Christmas!!! Now only two more big IEP meetings to prepare for and I’ll [hopefully] be smooth sailing over the break.

This afternoon I’m taking Kath and Kanz to the Publick House because they have the best selection of Belgian brews in Boston, and then we are heading to a School Psychology Christmas party at Northeastern.

No fashion Friday this week because I didn’t get my act together Monday and my camera was charging this morning. Do people like that anyway because sometimes I feel silly taking pics every day?

I just walked in to cupcakes from Sweet so I g2g. Enjoy the evening!
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The Usual

Posted on Aug 30, 2010 | 6 comments

Hi guys,

I woke up in a bit of a fog today, but it may have been because my nasal spray ran out (apparently, I have allergies now) or because I had tea instead of coffee this morning.

Regardless, I did my usual pre-babysitting routine of stair climber and yogurt bowl…

And then I took my boys to the park for a bit.  The hot weather is back, but it’s that breezy late August type of weather that signifies the last days of summer so I don’t mind it too much.  After the park, I ate a jam sandwich and a banana out of my purse and entertained the older guy while the younger one was sleeping.  He got a tent for his birthday last week, so we played a game where we pretended we were asleep (not my idea, I promise).  Needless to say, it was an easy day for me:)

After babysitting, I went in search of a new planner for work.  I have a leather one that I love, but the insert is a monthly calendar and I feel like I should switch to a daily calendar given how busy my schedule is going to become.  I was hoping to find a planner that had both the monthly and daily view, but couldn’t find one.  I guess I’ll check staples tomorrow?  I also went to CVS for nasal spray and toothpaste (exciting, I know).  The flu shot ads are already up, which means winter is just around the corner…

Sorry for the lack of pictures or exciting news.  I promise to be more entertaining by the weekend. I’m off to go find a recipe for dinner and straighten up my desk.

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Blueberry Breezes

Posted on Aug 27, 2010 | 12 comments

Good morning world!

I woke up to a cool breeze flowing in my windows, whispering ‘It’s Friday’!!!  I basically bounded out of bed and went straight for the blueberries.

I thought about baking something with these, but decided I didn’t have the patience.  So, I enjoyed them in a bowl of oatmeal.

I’ve been eating a lot of regular peanut butter lately so I opened a jar of sunflower butter from the KERF shop to switch things up.

I ate this oatmeal while watching Ellen and I just have to comment on how sexy Penelope Cruz is.  I can’t get over her beautiful accent.

On another note, yesterday marked the two week anniversary of beginning my blog. I bet some of you are wondering if I’ve taken back my twenties yet.  The answer is no, not yet.  Right now, it’s easy to enjoy the long days of summer because I’m only babysitting. The real challenge is going to be fitting everything in when I start my internship on the 13th.  To be honest with you, starting a blog has actually left me feeling even more overwhelmed.  Because blogging is new to me, it’s still takes a long time for me to write a post, but I think it will get easier. And, I love it!  It’s a bit stressful at times, but it’s the good kind of stress because I can channel my energy into posts. I’m really really enjoying blogging so far and I find myself getting excited about little things I’m doing because I get to write about them later.  While we are on the topic of blogging, I also wanted to ask you guys how you think I’m doing.  Is there anything you’d like to see more of (or less of) in my posts? I’ve had one request to do a post on fitting in workouts and meal-prep during busy days, and I hope to touch on that soon.

I also wanted to thank you all for the wonderful comments!!!!  I really appreciate the readers who have stuck with me as I’ve struggled with photography and tried to find a blog ‘voice’ in my first posts:)


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