Taking Back My Twenties



Posted on May 17, 2011 | 1 comment

And that, my friends, is an example of Ecto eating a post. The funny thing is: the post was actually titled Oops before it happened. I probably spent an hour typing the post, and I just don’t have it in me to re-type it. I’ll just dedicate this to my Conair hairdryer that stopping working this morning: thank you for doing a great job for many important events over the past seven years; you will be missed.

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Noodles and Notes

Posted on May 3, 2011 | 3 comments

Oh hey.

Is anyone else distracted by the weather these days? I just want to be outside laying in the sun! But, I was inside all day and I was super productive. I’m trying to plow through my work in hopes that I can leave my internship a couple of days early. We had four snow days this winter, so four more days have been added on to the end of the year. My goal is to be finished with everything by the original last day of school on June 17th.

Unfortunately, my productive day left me with a headache after work. I’ve been getting headaches a lot more frequently these days – usually two per week. I’m not sure what’s going on. Maybe I’m stressed? I certainly don’t feel any more stressed than I usually do, but I guess I do have the job search and moving in the back of my mind.

I managed 30 minutes on the elliptical and then I picked up my cap, gown, and hood! I thought by this point I might feel more emotional about graduation, but I don’t. It’s just not that exciting to graduate and then go back to my internship. It’s hard to believe that I’ve spent almost as much time on a grad degree as I did in college. Three years is a long time, so I guess it’s a big deal. I’m hoping it will feel more special when my family arrives.

Dinner was one of my favorites – peanut butter noodles. Matt and I both scarfed this down and then were sad when it was gone. I guess I’ll be making this one sooner rather than later.


I hope yall are having fantastics weeks:) Goodnight friends.

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The Beginning of the End

Posted on Apr 24, 2011 | 3 comments

Hello, Hello,

I’ve had and wonderful weekend with lots of festivities. Sadly, I left my camera at a friend’s house, so you’ll have to wait until tomorrow for the full recap. Until then, I’ve leave you with the details of my Easter relaxation. Matt and I were planning to check out the Old South Church in the Back Bay, but after two very late nights in a row, we just didn’t make it up and out the door in time for the Easter service. Oh well. We laid around and made chocolate cherry pancakes instead! And when I realized it was SEVENTY DEGREES outside, I knew an outdoor run was in order. By the time I got my act together though I wasn’t really in the mood and Matt and I ended up only running for about 25 minutes and walking for another 45. All of Boston was brunching it on outdoor patios and there were tons of folks checking out all the flowers that have popped in the Boston Public Garden.

This afternoon, I threw together Angela’s Butter Balls with some sunflower butter that’s been in the fridge waaaay too long. I licked the spoon and I think they are going to turn out nicely. I’ll let you know.


Easter dinner, aka pineapple pork, also bubbled all day long in the crockpot.


I used some local pork shoulder that was surprisingly well-priced from Whole Foods and followed the gist of this recipe (I subbed bbq sauce for soy sauce and flour for tapioca starch).


On the side, I made mashed sweet potatoes and roasted brussels.


Tonight’s wine selection was also very special because my dad bought this bottle for us when we were visiting Sakonnet in Rhode Island last summer. It was even better than I remember…very fruity. I find fruity for me sometimes means weak, but not this one – it was full and bold.


I’m back to work tomorrow – being away from my internship for a week has made me realize just how much I’m ready to move on to a new chapter in my life. I was practically a different person this week and I think others around me noticed it too…

But, I only have eight more weeks to go, and I want to embrace the experience and try to be super productive in the coming month and a half. I really want to savor these eight weeks because May is a busy month and the move and the scary full-time job search will be here before I know it:/

Oh, and happy birthday to Ducky Younger!

K night
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Beach Break + Staycation

Posted on Apr 14, 2011 | 9 comments

Thursday is a nice day. Something about being over the hump just brings anticipation and a little bit more productivity. I’m almost finished with a big report that’s due the week after spring break, so I feel good about my work load. I’ve got two more evaluations on my to-do list for May and then I may only have one or two more after that! I’m going to let out a big sigh of relief when my last IEP meeting is complete.

After work, I headed to spinning and I just wasn’t feeling it. The class didn’t seem any more difficult than usual, but I was worn out by the time it ended and light-headed after my pushups. So I made a huge dinner consisting of my some of my favs. for re-nourishment.


Carolina rice, sweet potato pillows, black beans, banana peppers, salsa, spicy blue corn chips, and a dollop of tomato-basil yogurt.


Aside from a bad case of the old reflux, this was an incredible experience.

Tomorrow, my break begins. We’re not doing anything too fancy. We’re driving down to New Jersey to visit Matt’s grandpa on Saturday and then we’re spending two days at the beach. Though it will be too cold to do beachy stuff, a little shopping, eating, and relaxing should still do the trick. Not to mention I’ll have 5 days off of work when I get back to Boston. Stay-cation. I’m pumped.

Anyone else on the school calender traveling for April break?

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Aches + Pains

Posted on Mar 29, 2011 | 6 comments

The sickness is back:( I woke up this morning feeling ten times worse than last week – with chills and aches in every single joint. I knew something was really off when I practically had to force down my gooey, sweet oatmeal. But, I had a busy day of work, so I zombied through the day anyway. I obviously took yet another day off from the gym as well as a long nap this afternoon. I was especially sad because I had plans to eat salad and drink wine with friends this evening and had to cancel. But, I did read a good chunk of my novel and had cereal and pb +j for dinner, which is always enjoyable.

On a lighter note, since I had an abundance of free time this evening, I had many thoughts, so I’ll leave you with random ramblings:

  • The sun is really getting strong these days and I just love it. Sometimes, when it comes through the window in our office, I think I start to sparkle like Edward Cullen
  • Thanks for your comments on the tote; I think I’ll see if they have it in the store before I make any decisions
  • Why do I feel this way?
  • I think I’m cheering for Butler in the final four
  • I can’t wait until the day when I have a grill in my backyard.
  • I just keep discovering cool places, like this gas station turned beer garden in Durham, and I’m so pumped for the local food/beer scene. I’m totally into historic preservation.
  • Oh, and there’s a large mouse living in our office.
  • Any news out there?
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Back to It

Posted on Mar 24, 2011 | 5 comments

Well, my body is back to normal, but I have a lovely runny nose…I’ll take it! T’was another productive day at work. It looks like there might only be one more big wave of testing referrals before the end of the school year. Yippeeee.

I headed back to the gym today and got back in the kitchen! I went to a 5 o’clock spinning class, and although I opted to just go through the motions and not really push myself, I was still dripping by the end. I’ve been dreaming of the sauna all week and finally felt the moment was right to go after my workout. I think I lived in the desert in my past life, because it was just heavenly.

For dinner, I put some red potato wedges in the sauna and let them do their thing. They came out crispy on the outside and pillow-y on the inside. I need to buy these more often because they were much easier and better than using a regular potato to make fries.


The fish, on the other hand, didn’t turn out so perfectly. I finally picked up some panko breadcrumbs, and I was very disappointed in them. I brushed cod filets with mustard and then dipped them in a mixture of lemon zest, parsley, salt, and breadcrumbs.

I mean, overall, the fish was pretty good, but just a little bland because I didn’t season it very well. Regardless, I do think I prefer my pre-panko method of encrusting things in the crumbs of tortillas chips better than this stuff. I’ve got a whole bag of it now, so I’ll probably try and make some of Caitlin’s baked pickles.
Big game on tonight, so I’m about to pop open this guy and enjoy the show. See you FRIDAY!!!

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