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Posted on Mar 20, 2014 | 4 comments

Oh hey. Happy spring. And happy 60th birthday to my mom! I’m very jealous that she’s celebrating with the rest of the fam!

It’s been a busy week here, and I loved it! I had a bunch of interviews Wednesday and started working at Equinox this week. Although I’ve been substitute teaching since the fall, it’s been less consistent lately and I just needed more steady income. It’s also nice to have more structure to my week, as it looks like I’ll be working mornings. I’ve been busy in the kitchen too! Matt has made it home for a majority of meals this week (which has been very rare as of late)!! It’s so wonderful having him as a dinner date, and I definitely put a bit more effort into dinner (and don’t eat at like 5pm) when I know he’s coming home. I made a pineapple crockpot chicken this evening:


Speaking of food, I re-introduced a little dairy (anyone have any experience with this?) since it’s been a loong time now, and can’t conclude much. I’ve been taking a new probiotic (VSL3), which I used to take when I first saw my gastroenterologist back in Boston (he said it’s the best), and it’s been really helping! I also took another round of Prevacid, which seemed to change something in my stomach, at least temporarily. I seem ok with a little bit of hard cheese, but I’m not so sure about yogurt:(

Lastly, I watched Clueless tonight #imighthaveseenpaulruddinvegas. I definitely picked up on some things that I didn’t catch back in ’95. And the soundtrack brought back so many memories!

After last weekend’s crazy adventures, I’m pretty excited to take it easy on Friday, grab brunch with friends, and hopefully have a date night on Saturday.

See ya.

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Christmas in Dallas

Posted on Dec 28, 2013 | 10 comments

Hosting Christmas in Dallas was a blast, but boy am I exhausted. Matt’s parents and sister and my parents and sister, husband, and family were all here!! Everyone arrived on Christmas Eve, so I prepped a big spread of food in the townhouse where they were staying. We were up late eating appetizers and drinking beer, hot apple cider, and egg nog (I thought the almond kind was pretty good with bourbon!). I made bbq pork shoulder in the crockpot for the main course along with cornbread and quinoa salad. For dessert, we had an ice cream sundae bar and some of the goodies I baked.







Christmas morning, we had mimosas and french toast and then opened presents. We did a gift exchange this year instead of buying gifts for everyone, and I think it worked out really well!


We hosted Christmas dinner in our apartment, and made all the usuals: maple glazed ham (my first, and it turned out fabulously), corn pudding, pineapple sweet potato casserole, bacon green beans, cinnamon apples, and rolls. I made the casseroles ahead of time and then everyone came over for cocktail hour and helped with the rest of the cooking so I didn’t have to do all the work:)


Mazen stayed busy with snacks.




I made a chocolate bourbon pecan pie and a peppermint ice cream pie for dessert!


The two days after Christmas were filled with more beer drinking and hanging out in Dallas.


We went bowling at a cool vintage alley in the design district.



And we took our siblings out for craft cocktails at a neighborhood bar called The Standard Pour.


We also had awesome weather and fit in some nice walks. Our last night ended with pomegranate margaritas and a trip to The Common Table for a wonderful dinner.


I was so sad to see everyone go today, but just thrilled that they made the trip to Dallas to spend Christmas with us! Matt has the whole next week off from work, so we decided to drive down to New Orleans for a New Year’s road trip. I’ve got to push through this sleepiness and pack my bags so we can hit the road in the morning! Hope yall had as merry a Christmas as I did!!

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Back to Work

Posted on Sep 2, 2013 | 25 comments

Happy Labor Day! I’m enjoying a fun-filled weekend with my parents, who are visiting Dallas!

I introduced my mom to the beer-rita at the Katy Trail Ice House!  She’s now requesting them at Christmas dinner.
It’s our last hurrah in this extended wedding-honeymoon-Dallas summer extravaganza, because I’m starting work tomorrow and Matt starts next Monday. I’ve always felt really uncomfortable with unemployment and I promised myself I’d take my time with this search so that I could find the right opportunity. But, the minute the honeymoon was over I was already anxious and basically panicking that I was up and moving without a job. So this go-round, I decided to find temporary [full-time] employment right away so that I could truly take my time and figure out what’s next. I’ve accepted a position that I’m excited about, and I’ll be sure to let you know when I know the next step in this confusing path. I’m not looking forward to hearing that alarm ring tomorrow morning, but I’m super excited to get back into a routine and do something productive with these hot Dallas days:)
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Thoughts from a Tuesday

Posted on May 14, 2013 | 4 comments

Exercise used to be my time to clear my head – now it’s the time that my to-do list fills my head and ruins my me time.

We’ve been eating giant salads over here, because they are quick and easy and good for wedding bodies.


Work got crazy this week, which can be expected for this time of year – what is it about the end of school and kids acting crazy?

Sleep and I are BFF.

I’m going to the Lantern tomorrow night and I’m so pumped. We also have a dance lesson – is it bad that I’m not as pumped?

I love this weather, and all the green in Durham. Lush!

I need the ultimate romance novel to read on my honeymoon – do tell!!!!

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What I’m Loving

Posted on Feb 11, 2013 | 4 comments

I feel like I’m in this peaceful period – the calm before the storm. This winter has been relatively slow in terms of plans and events, and while I know things are about to be super busy, I’ve just been enjoying going to work, slowly making my way through the giant to-do list that is the wedding, and taking pleasure in the slow pace of the cold season. Here’s what I’ve been loving lately:

  • I’ve been trying to work out in the mornings 2 or so days a week, so that I can better utilize my time in the evening. I really can’t even describe how wonderful it feels to get home from work and not have to think about going anywhere. I’ve always hated evening workouts, and I’m especially appreciating getting cozy at night during the winter. A few years ago, I would have been bored at home or craving happy hour, but these days, there’s nothing better than being warm on the couch with free time. The best nights involve Downton Abby (I’m stuck now btw because Netflix doesn’t have season 2) or a movie.


  • Caitlin’s cornbread quiche. I love that this is easy, delicious, produces leftovers, and can be made with essentially any toppings. I keep coming back to it over and over again.

IMG_1116.JPG IMG_1539.JPG

  IMG_0684.JPG IMG_0558.JPG

  • Wedding planning, while quite stressful and sometimes annoying, is so fun. For the most part, I’ve really enjoyed the process and I’m starting to realize that I’m a very visual person. I love just looking. The flowers, colors, patterns, paper, dresses, shoes are all so darn beautiful these days, that wedding browsing has become my favorite way to waste time. Even though I’ve already planned so many of the details, I still want to look!


  • Date night. There’s just nothing quite like a good one-on-one date (I would be terrible on The Bachelor). It’s no secret that I’m obsessed with going out to dinner, but one of the reasons I love it so much is because it allows for quality time without all the distractions of work, school, or life. Matt and I had great conversation just sitting at the bar on Friday night, and it felt so refreshing after a long week.


  • Wine. Every year, after I’ve had every imaginable chocolate porter, coffee stout, pumpkin ale, and winter barley wine during the holidays, I start to crave a little break from beer. And then I have a glass of juicy red wine and remember that I adore wine too! My love for beer just sometimes overpowers it and I have to go on a wine kick to rekindle the flame.


What’s something simple that you’re loving about life?

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Thoughts from a Thursday

Posted on Jan 3, 2013 | 3 comments

Not just any Thursday, it was back to work day.

  • Waking up was horrible but once I got there it felt quite good to have a purpose to my day!
  • Leftover jambalaya for lunch definitely spiced things up:)
  • It was not a good day for the heat to stop working in the building.
  • My students have to take exams next week – no matter how bad going back to work feels, nothing is worse than taking tests!!!
  • I know, I really owe you a wedding update. It’s been on my to-do list for weeks.


  • Sweet potato black bean enchiladas = never get old. Matt and I enjoyed these while watching the Duke-Davidson game. I’ve been weaning myself from drinking beer every night on vacation and only had half with the game.


  • I can’t believe it’s the weekend again. The laundry pile is massive!!
  • Is it spring yet?

Good night, sleep tight.

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