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Vegas is intense! I can’t believe how many people were there – I arrived and was like, oh, this is where everybody has been all these years!


I got to our hotel just as the sun was setting on Friday night! I was the last to arrive and it was glorious to walk into a hotel room of friends! My friend Emily was our host for the weekend and she did an amazing job planning everything and getting us on lists so we could skip the lines and the cover charges! She also works for the Las Vegas Sands, so we got a ridiculously low rate at the Palazzo.

We listened to an epic playlist while getting ready and then headed to the lobby for dinner at SushiSamba. I’m not a sushi person, so I never would have picked this on my own, but it was amazing!


We had wonderful service, excellent cocktails, and delicious food!



Highlights included the fried plantains and the sea bass skewers!


And a complimentary cocktail tower!


After dinner, we headed across the street to the XS club at the Wynn.



The club was giant and had an awesome outdoor area.


I had no idea it was going to happen, but David Guetta appeared as the DJ at 2am!!


He was awesome, and we made our way to the pit to get a better look!


Most of us east and central time zone people couldn’t sleep in so we grabbed green juice, hit the gym, and got some lunch at the pool. It was a little too chilly for bathing suits, but I enjoyed a nap under a towel in the wonderful sunshine.


Saturday evening we got all dolled up for our second night on the town (I definitely could not have handled a third night!).


Our destination was the Cosmopolitan hotel, where we had drinks in the Chandelier bar. Bourbon for me!


We had dinner at a fantastic restaurant called Rose.Rabbit.Lie at the Cosmopolitan. The menu was all small plates, so we shared a bunch of dishes, and every single thing I tried was phenomenal. The above brussels sprouts with crispy chicken skin were maybe the best I’ve ever had. The coolest part about dinner though, was that our table was backstage and we dined while a show was happening on the other side of the wall. All the performers would come through the dining room, warm-up with a small act/performance, and then enter the stage door.


We saw so many interesting things, like this upsidedown man!


Our main event for the night was the Marquee nightclub. One of Emily’s [INCREDIBLY generous] friends got a table for us! It was wonderful to be able to have drinks (and water!!) right there and be able to sit and relax if we wanted too.


We spent a large portion of the night debating if the man in the black suit in the left-ish part of the picture was Paul Rudd. If it wasn’t, he was an exact look alike!


We had [too much] champagne and I loved the girls with sparkers who would bring out the bottles. They even changed outfits each time!




Needless to say, it was a magical night!


We ended the trip with brunch at Bouchon Bistro.


I enjoyed a spiced doughnut and a glorious corned beef hash in honor of St. Patrick’s day. I was super impressed with the food in Las Vegas, and I told matt we are going back just to eat.


A gigantic thank you to my friend Emily for totally spoiling us and bringing us all together!!!

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Celebrating in New York

Posted on Oct 22, 2013 | 11 comments

Where do I even start? NYC is just so amazing. And the food, oh the food!!

I arrived on Thursday and was able to meet Matt for a quick lunch in Hell’s Kitchen. We dined at a Thai-French fusion cafe called Breeze and scored a little table right on the patio/sidewalk.


The spicy duck salad and peanut curry shrimp were both tasty and lighter than your typical thai food. Perfect lunch!


Matt had to get back to work, so I walked the afternoon away. Starting in Hell’s Kitchen, I walked down through Chelsea, and stopped in the market, and then walked through the West Village.

I eventually made my way to the lower east side and stopped into Babycakes for nourishment. The bakery is gluten free, vegan, and soy-free, so I was really curious to try something. The apple cider donut was absolutely amazing! I took it down in about ten seconds. I saved the cupcake and split it with Matt later that day, but it wasn’t very good (dry, with a weird taste). I want more donuts!


For dinner, I met a bunch of college friends at Empellon Taqueria in the West Village. The restaurant was dark and intimate, but the loud music made it a bit hard to converse. It was great to catch up though, even if we had to yell:) We enjoyed spicy margaritas, guac, and tacos. My three tacos – chicken verde, wild mushroom, and pastrami were all delish. It’s hard to beat Dallas when it comes to tacos though.


Friday was my actual birthday, so I slept in and took myself out for a day of exploration. I started with a run along the river and ended up back in the lower east side to pick up a cake.


I stumbled upon this incredible juice bar and had the best almond milk chai latte of my life. I may move to New York just for this latte.

I picked up lunch and met Matt in Bryant Park. The weather was 60 and sunny and was just gorgeous birthday weather:)
We shared a pumpkin sandwich, a quinoa salad, a ginger beer, and a grasshopper cookie from Peacefood Cafe. T’was lovely.
I spent the afternoon shopping, although everything was too expensive, so it was more like looking. It was just fun to be out and about!


Once Matt got off work, we kicked off the evening at Gramercy Tavern. We sat at the bar and had the most wonderful service! The bartender comped our first round simply because Matt had to stand up while I was sitting at the bar. Nice! I started with a little bubbly and the moved on to a fall bourbon special.


Since my favorite restaurants typically involve small plates, I picked ABC Cocina for dinner. It was exactly the vibe I wanted and all the food was fantastic.

We shared the olives with poblano and mint pesto, which I de-pitted and ate on bread, because that’s how I learned to like them on the honeymoon:)
Glazed short rib tacos (amazing),
pepper and potato empanadas,
maitake mushrooms with fresno pepper vinaigrette, and un-pictured brussels. LOVED this restaurant experience so much!!
And then, after a 20-block walk home, we got to eat this:
It’s a carrot cake from Peacefood Cafe, which some reviewers claim is the best carrot cake in the city.
This is definately not your typical carrot cake! There’s pineapple inside! I’m still thinking about it now. We couldn’t even eat a fourth of it on Friday night, but were able to finish off the whole thing by Sunday night.
Matt got us tickets to see Big Fish! We slept in on Saturday morning, and then went to the matinee show in the afternoon. The costumes and set were wonderful. I loved seeing this because I’m a big fan of the movie.
Saturday evening was chilly, so I had to layer with random tops! We went to The Ginger Man and warmed up with pumpkin beers after the show.


And then we had dinner at Craft. The atmosphere was beautiful, although I felt a little out of place at such a nice restaurant. The waitress didn’t help that feeling, as she became annoyed when we only ordered four things. The food was all very unique and perfectly prepared. The portions were really small, although we didn’t care because we knew we had more cake waiting!
Above is the pork with egg and jalapeno and below is the pumpkin ravioli.
We also had the red snapper in a pepper sauce,
and more mushrooms (I’m obsessed).
We declined dessert, but enjoyed mocha marshmallows on the house. The hostess also sent us home with fresh muffins to enjoy the next morning, which was a nice touch.
I’m sad it’s over, but so, so thankful for a perfect weekend. And so another year begins!
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Thoughts from a Thursday

Posted on Oct 17, 2013 | 11 comments

-I’m Manhattan bound for the big 2-8! Matt had business in NYC, so I’m meeting him there today for my birthday weekend. I think I’ve dreamed about a fall getaway in NYC since I was a little girl. I always visited friends during college summer and winter breaks and don’t think I’ve ever been in the fall!

-Is anyone still reading? I know my posts have been lackluster as of late. What can I say? My life was a bit more interesting when I was wedding-planning and honeymooning. Honestly, I’ve been doing a lot of sitting on ye old couch at night and then sleeping a lot. And I love it.

-It’s like the first cold day in Dallas, and I’m craving a long, chunky sweater.

-I’ve been having a lot more stomach issues and brain fog since moving to Dallas, so I gave up dairy for a bit. After weeks of cheese dreams, it seems to be helping the stomach but not the fog. The good news is that I’m now obsessed with cooking with coconut oil.

-Dairy aside, I’ve been in an ethnic food mood lately and have been loving TJ’s Indian Simmer Sauce. I bet you could simmer anything in that stuff and it would taste good.

-I’m very, very mad at the writers of Downton Abbey right now (just finished season 3).


-A snap from my last visit to the big apple. I’m sooo excited to see college friends tomorrow night! I am looking forward to being more of a tourist and less of a party animal on this visit though. New York tends to get the best of me.

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Back to Work

Posted on Sep 2, 2013 | 25 comments

Happy Labor Day! I’m enjoying a fun-filled weekend with my parents, who are visiting Dallas!

I introduced my mom to the beer-rita at the Katy Trail Ice House!  She’s now requesting them at Christmas dinner.
It’s our last hurrah in this extended wedding-honeymoon-Dallas summer extravaganza, because I’m starting work tomorrow and Matt starts next Monday. I’ve always felt really uncomfortable with unemployment and I promised myself I’d take my time with this search so that I could find the right opportunity. But, the minute the honeymoon was over I was already anxious and basically panicking that I was up and moving without a job. So this go-round, I decided to find temporary [full-time] employment right away so that I could truly take my time and figure out what’s next. I’ve accepted a position that I’m excited about, and I’ll be sure to let you know when I know the next step in this confusing path. I’m not looking forward to hearing that alarm ring tomorrow morning, but I’m super excited to get back into a routine and do something productive with these hot Dallas days:)
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Happy happy birthday Matt! Hope this one is extra special:) Ciao.


























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Out of Durham, In with the Rents

Posted on Jun 18, 2013 | 2 comments


Well, we are officially moved out of our beautiful tobacco warehouse and moved in with my parents. The process of packing and moving took much longer than expected and now I’m excited to relax. We are downgrading to a one bedroom in Dallas and we did a major cleanse. I’m so happy we got all the annoying tasks finished before the honeymoon.

Friday and Saturday nights, we hit our favorite food spots and met friends for dinner and drinks – we had to have one last pizza at Toro, tapas at Mateo, and nachos at the Federal. I’m going to miss this little foodie town.




I promise rehearsal and wedding recap posts are coming soon! Adios.

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