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Dinner Date, Breakfast Date

Posted on Feb 18, 2013 | 2 comments

On Saturday, I had the pleasure of dining at the lovely Guglhupf, thanks to a Christmas gift from Matt’s parents. We’ve celebrated at this cute cafe before, so it felt special to return:) We settled into our two-top on the second floor, amidst the funky hanging lanterns and chandeliers.


However, we couldn’t quite settle because Duke was in the final minutes of a heated match with Maryland. We shared a bourbon with a splash of maple syrup and secretly watched Matt’s phone for updates. Sadly, we lost the game. Matt was a die-hard Maryland fan in his past life, so he just didn’t know how to feel about the final result!


Once we had a chance to take-in the menu, we were hungry! We started with the mussels steamed in riesling with tomato confit, new potatoes, garlic, and fresh herbs. We got a big ole bread basket and enjoyed soaking up every last bit of broth with it. The mussels were awesome.


I went away from my usual pork or fish entrees and tried the cabbage rolls stuffed with french lentils and sweet potatoes, topped with queso fresco and a local honey tomato sauce. I’ve gotten more into vegetarian dishes lately, so I thought I’d really like this, but I just didn’t love the combination of tomato sauce and steamed cabbage. The flavors were really unique, but I think I was craving a heartier dish…


aka, Matt’s braised short ribs with gnocchi! He was nice enough to share. This dish was just as good as it looks.


Given that we were celebrating Valentine’s Day, which to me is a desert holiday, we ordered dessert! This was a salted caramel tart with a chocolate crust. It was surprisingly on the lighter side, but very good.


A perfect date night:)

I ended my weekend with another date on Sunday – a breakfast date with a high school friend who was in town.


My friend is getting married as well, so we talked all things wedding and honeymoon! I ordered an english muffin with fried eggs, tomato jam, and pimento cheese. It was kinda small, but soooo good! I need to get out and order breakfast sandwiches more often. And go on more friend dates.

I’m getting really into these relaxing weekends. The next two are going to be busy, so I’m glad to fit in some really lazy weekends this month. Back to work. See ya.

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CampOut No. 2

Posted on Sep 9, 2012 | 2 comments

This weekend was Duke’s annual graduate student campout weekend, where students have the opportunity to be entered into a lottery for basketball tickets if they make it to every ‘check-in’ in a 36 hour period. Last year was a lot of fun and Matt got tickets…this year he wasn’t so lucky:(

IMG_9709.JPG IMG_0543.JPG

Friday night, I actually didn’t join Matt, and instead met up with the girls for a [pear and brie] pizza and wine night. I was simply too tired after the sleepless labor night to do anything other than hit the sack after dinner.


Saturday morning, I hit the gym for a nice spinning class, and then met the [other girls] for a birthday brunch celebration for my friend Rachel. We went to Rue Cler, and I got to experience the beignets for the first time. Heavenly dough!

I had an omelet with mozzarella and spinach, which was pretty ordinary. But dessert was not.
One of the girls stopped by the Daisy Cakes bakery and picked up macaroons and cupcakes. Daisy Cakes cupcakes are a bit more savory, almost corn-bread like, so these hit the spot so early in the day.
After brunch, I picked up a six pack and headed to the party. Sadly, I was not even there for an hour before there was an announcement that we all had to evacuate the parking lot and head to Cameron Indoor Stadium because of a severe storm that was moving into the area. So I was pretty much stuck there, watching volleyball and eating pizza with the guys, until the skies cleared at 10pm. I had to abandon my six pack and Matt and I ended up sharing a water bottle full of sweet tea vodka and lemonade. It was a pretty interesting evening. I always enjoy feeling like a college student again, but I’m pretty glad I got to leave campout and go to bed at home rather than sleep in the back of a moving truck.
IMG_0550.JPG IMG_0551.JPG
It was a fun weekend, but a tiring one! See ya.
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Posted on Nov 18, 2011 | 2 comments

Congrats to the winningest coach in college basketball history. Tonight was amazing.







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Off the Beaten Path

Posted on Nov 7, 2011 | 10 comments

Going back to work after a vacation or tiring travel day is one of my least favorite things. But today, work was special. I got to tag along on The Duke Basketball Experience with a bunch of our students. As pretty much a die-hard fan, I enjoyed hearing all the facts and soaked up all the memorabilia – like this old team photo from my childhood years. Number 44 was my favorite player and I used to refer to 52 and 55 as the bald twins, even though they weren’t bald. That was kind of mean of me, but I was too little to know any better:)


One thing I didn’t know is that on most school days, these basketballs are lined up and the whole team has to sign them before going to class or practice. The balls are then donated to various charities or auctioned off for a good cause.


We took the secret player tunnel from the practice gym to the back of Cameron. Who knew so many people worked in the basement down here?


Isn’t she a beauty?


We headed over to the Emily Krzyzewski center, where our students participated in various team-building drills.


Chris Carrawell coached the students! And Zoubek talked about persevering despite multiple injuries and winning the national title!! What a fabulous Monday morning treat!


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Roll Of Thunder, Hear My Cry For Summer

Posted on Apr 4, 2011 | 2 comments

What is up?

April showers have arrived in Boston. I actually don’t mind too much though because the temps are warmer and I heard a nice roll of thunder today. And you know what thunder means….summer’s on the way. Thunder always makes me think of childhood thunderstorms during hot North Carolina summers.

Today was really rather ordinary. I worked, I spun, I ate, and now, I sit. Until the game comes on, then I’ll be cheering for Butler!


Dinner, was standard Indian fare from TJ’s – this time the summer vegetables with cashews and paneer cheese. I can’t remember if I’ve had this one or not, because there are too many to keep them straight in my brain. It was good though and naan never fails.


Tomorrow, I’m hosting a fondue book club discussion on Sarah’s Key. If you want to contribute any virtual thoughts about the book, please do so! Goodnight friends.

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