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Snapshots from Puerto Vallarta

Posted on Jan 21, 2014 | 25 comments




















I absolutely fell in love with Puerto Vallarta! I can’t believe this paradise is just two hours from Dallas. The food, the people, and the scenery were wonderful. Matt spoke Spanish as much as possible, and we chatted with so many interesting people and got to know the staff at the resort. We ate amazingly fresh seafood, consumed as much guacamole as humanly possible, and sipped margaritas and cervezas a little too often. One of the highlights was a mountain bike trip we took into the countryside. We rode through little villages, saw beautiful birds, and were surrounded by lush forests. If you’re ever in Puerto Vallarta, I highly recommend La Leche and Cafe des Artistes for dinner, and EcoRide bike tours for a challenging excursion!

Thanks for all your kind words and strong opinions on my previous post. I guess you can see why I haven’t shared much during this job search period:) I really appreciate the supportive comments – thank you for understanding that this is a frustrating time!

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Wedding Memories

Posted on Aug 21, 2013 | 21 comments

The wedding feels so long ago. Even though I’ve already blogged about it and shared pictures, all of the snaps were from Kath’s DSLR. The pictures from our photographer, Theo Milo, were ready once I got back from the honeymoon and they are fabulous!!!! But I had to wait for the disk to make its way to Texas before I could share them. I love them so much and am thrilled with how they turned out. Theo was super easy to work with and clearly very talented!

All that’s left are these memories. So here’s a photo dump to brighten your hump [day]!

0043_Laura_and_Matt_Theo_Milo_Photo.jpg 0031_Laura_and_Matt_Theo_Milo_Photo.jpg 0523_Laura_and_Matt_Theo_Milo_Photo.jpg 0057_Laura_and_Matt_Theo_Milo_Photo.jpg 0061_Laura_and_Matt_Theo_Milo_Photo.jpg 0068_Laura_and_Matt_Theo_Milo_Photo.jpg 0078_Laura_and_Matt_Theo_Milo_Photo.jpg

0092_Laura_and_Matt_Theo_Milo_Photo.jpg  0108_Laura_and_Matt_Theo_Milo_Photo.jpg 0110_Laura_and_Matt_Theo_Milo_Photo.jpg 0128_Laura_and_Matt_Theo_Milo_Photo.jpg 0157_Laura_and_Matt_Theo_Milo_Photo.jpg 0179_Laura_and_Matt_Theo_Milo_Photo.jpg 0194_Laura_and_Matt_Theo_Milo_Photo.jpg 0237_Laura_and_Matt_Theo_Milo_Photo.jpg 0270_Laura_and_Matt_Theo_Milo_Photo.jpg 0274_Laura_and_Matt_Theo_Milo_Photo.jpg 0280_Laura_and_Matt_Theo_Milo_Photo.jpg 0311_Laura_and_Matt_Theo_Milo_Photo.jpg 0315_Laura_and_Matt_Theo_Milo_Photo.jpg 0539_Laura_and_Matt_Theo_Milo_Photo.jpg 0541_Laura_and_Matt_Theo_Milo_Photo.jpg0556_Laura_and_Matt_Theo_Milo_Photo.jpg 0565_Laura_and_Matt_Theo_Milo_Photo.jpg 0566_Laura_and_Matt_Theo_Milo_Photo.jpg0537_Laura_and_Matt_Theo_Milo_Photo.jpg 0385_Laura_and_Matt_Theo_Milo_Photo.jpg 0390_Laura_and_Matt_Theo_Milo_Photo.jpg 0388_Laura_and_Matt_Theo_Milo_Photo.jpg 0410_Laura_and_Matt_Theo_Milo_Photo.jpg 0400_Laura_and_Matt_Theo_Milo_Photo.jpg 0398_Laura_and_Matt_Theo_Milo_Photo.jpg 0395_Laura_and_Matt_Theo_Milo_Photo.jpg 0383_Laura_and_Matt_Theo_Milo_Photo.jpg 0411_Laura_and_Matt_Theo_Milo_Photo.jpg 0423_Laura_and_Matt_Theo_Milo_Photo.jpg 0429_Laura_and_Matt_Theo_Milo_Photo.jpg 0442_Laura_and_Matt_Theo_Milo_Photo.jpg 0431_Laura_and_Matt_Theo_Milo_Photo.jpg 0449_Laura_and_Matt_Theo_Milo_Photo.jpg 0461_Laura_and_Matt_Theo_Milo_Photo.jpg 0463_Laura_and_Matt_Theo_Milo_Photo.jpg 0467_Laura_and_Matt_Theo_Milo_Photo.jpg 0493_Laura_and_Matt_Theo_Milo_Photo.jpg 0470_Laura_and_Matt_Theo_Milo_Photo.jpg 0514_Laura_and_Matt_Theo_Milo_Photo.jpg

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Thoughts from a Tuesday

Posted on May 21, 2013 | 7 comments

-I packed up one of my offices today – crazy, and so exciting

-Tornadoes scare the sh*t out of me and I can’t imagine what the people of OK must be going through – makes wedding decor seems like the stupidest thing in the world


-Matt is keeping me sane by doing a million things – he made mini burgers tonight that turned out awesome! Can’t wait to eat more burgers at summer bbqs

-I just got super excited to hang out at the beach next week. And I get to see SOOO many friends!!

-Thanks for reading while my posts are sporadic and frantic

-I still need more romance novel recommendations!

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Highlights from SoBe

Posted on Dec 31, 2012 | 1 comment


I squeezed in a lot of action during the past couple of days in Miami. Matt and I wanted a quick and warm getaway, and when I saw a flight sale I thought, why not South Beach? It was so.much.fun and quite different than many other place I’ve visited in the US. I loooved the international vibe and the European style sidewalk cafes. And the art deco architecture is so neat. Yall know me – eatin’ and drinkin’ is what I enjoy the most, so that’s what I did. Along with lots of walking, beach time, and lounging around. Rather than a drawn-out recap of events that are likely much more exciting to me than you, I’ll leave you with a photo bomb of sorts covering the major highlights:



Drinking tropical drinks on a sidewalk cafe on Ocean Drive. Best people watching EVER! They had these enormous drinks that looked amazing each time I walked down the strip. I stuck with a small one though, because 32oz is a little more liquor than I can hold at this point:)



Thai fusion food at Khong River. This place was brand new and gorgeous inside. The dishes were bursting with flavor and beyond amazing. The only negative was that my intestines were really really mad after I ate this meal. Matt was fine, so I’m thinking it was just the richness/intense spiciness/fatty.yummy pork belly:




Beach time: 80 degrees and blue ocean is incredible, always:


This giant table-side guacamole with a strong and fabulous pomegranate margarita:


An ocean front party that we stumbled upon at the Ritz. I need that DJ at my wedding. There were phenomenal mashups:


Window shopping and outfit dreaming on the Lincoln Road Mall:



A traditional cuban sandwich, plantains, and white sangria on the little Spanish street known as Espanola Way:

And getting dressed up and scouting out happy hours. Matt and I both love a deal, especially $5 mojitos and bacon wrapped dates:


I didn’t want to leave:(( But I’ve got bourbon and NYE to distract me! Just one more big night out and then it’s back to work in a brand new year. I hope yall have a safe and happy New Year’s Eve. Happy 2013!

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Thankful For It All

Posted on Nov 21, 2012 | 2 comments

Well, I guess it’s clear that cranberry sauce is the least popular of the Thanksgiving dishes! I’m surprised at how many people don’t like the sweet potatoes though…

We usually go to Matt’s house in Maryland for Thanksgiving, but this year we’re heading to Bald Head Island! Since our wedding will be on the island this June, we thought it would be nice to show Matt’s parents the venue, the chapel, and the island in general!


In years past, I’ve written a Thanksgiving post about what I’m thankful for. This year, I’m not even going to attempt to write that list because there are just too many blessings to count. I don’t know if it’s Thanksgiving or all the changes this year, but recently, I’ve just felt overwhelmed with gratitude. I’m thankful for it all.


So what are we eating this year? Well, my parents arranged for rooms at the Inn where we always stay (usually at Christmas time though). It’s really cozy during the holidays and has a roaring fireplace, but the lack of our own kitchen means no cooking of the traditional feast. At first I was sad, but then I saw the menu! We will actually be eating at the wedding reception site! I hope the food is good because we’re stuck with it for the wedding:)

Enjoy the the feast, the time with family, and all the fun that comes with!


Bald Head Family Style Thanksgiving Menu!

First Courses for the Table

Assorted Cheese Plate | Waldorf Salad | Broccoli Salad | Orange-Cranberry Relish

Traditional Sides

Turkey and Sage Stuffing Roll | Cranberry-Walnut NC Sweet Potato Casserole | Whipped Potatoes

Roasted Turkey Gravy | Green Bean Casserole | Braised Collard Greens | Roasted Heirloom Potato Salad

Maple Glazed Roasted Carrots | Butternut Squash Ravioli with Hazelnut Brown Butter and Parmesan

Main Courses

Herb Roasted Breast of Turkey | Honey Glazed Spiral Ham | Crab Stuffed Flounder with smoked shrimp cream


Pumpkin Pie | Sweet Potato Pie | Bourbon Pecan Pie | Cinnamon-Apple Cake

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