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Posted on Apr 30, 2013 | 6 comments

Matt is officially finished with business school! Wooo hoo! He doesn’t graduate for two more weeks, but finishing eight terms at Fuqua is definitely something to celebrate!


The Dean hosted a reception at the Nasher Museum with all kinds of goodies:



The bbq salmon was so awesome!! And how cute are these little pimento cheese biscuits? I’m going to miss Durham’s pimento cheese obsession.

More than the pimento cheese, I’m going to miss the people.

Good thing some of these folks are heading to Dallas with us!!


Early to bed, early to bootcamp! Night.

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Back to the Usual

Posted on Jan 7, 2013 | 2 comments

Ahh, friends, this weekend was peaceful.

And I just got back from seeing Les Miserables. Matt and I took sandwiches and had a Monday night dinner date. The movie is SO.GOOD and very beautiful.


After the holidays, I really needed a Friday night in, so that’s what I did – a delicious cabernet from the Wall Street Journal annual selection (a gift from Matt’s parents!) was opened. Matt and I accidentally drank the whole bottle because we liked it that much:)


To go with the wine, I baked The Meat House spicy marinated chicken that I picked up back in November. Served with lemongrass rice, it was awesome! There were lots of leftovers that made for great salads and quesadillas.


How cute is this pancake bar Matt set up Saturday morning? We had tickets to the Duke-Wake basketball match, so we had a late breakfast before the noon game.


Enter weekly pizza craving on Saturday night: a soft egg, mushroom, bacon, and arugula pizza from the tasty Pizzeria Toro down the street.


And on Sunday, we registered for our wedding! I thought picking out things in the store [Macys] was was kind of overwhelming. But, once I got to my couch and could take my time looking over things online, it was really fun. I’m excited, but I also feel a little weird just picking out so many nice things for someone else to buy. It reminded me that time is moving so fast – less than five months to go!

Hope yall had a good weekend as well:)

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CampOut No. 2

Posted on Sep 9, 2012 | 2 comments

This weekend was Duke’s annual graduate student campout weekend, where students have the opportunity to be entered into a lottery for basketball tickets if they make it to every ‘check-in’ in a 36 hour period. Last year was a lot of fun and Matt got tickets…this year he wasn’t so lucky:(

IMG_9709.JPG IMG_0543.JPG

Friday night, I actually didn’t join Matt, and instead met up with the girls for a [pear and brie] pizza and wine night. I was simply too tired after the sleepless labor night to do anything other than hit the sack after dinner.


Saturday morning, I hit the gym for a nice spinning class, and then met the [other girls] for a birthday brunch celebration for my friend Rachel. We went to Rue Cler, and I got to experience the beignets for the first time. Heavenly dough!

I had an omelet with mozzarella and spinach, which was pretty ordinary. But dessert was not.
One of the girls stopped by the Daisy Cakes bakery and picked up macaroons and cupcakes. Daisy Cakes cupcakes are a bit more savory, almost corn-bread like, so these hit the spot so early in the day.
After brunch, I picked up a six pack and headed to the party. Sadly, I was not even there for an hour before there was an announcement that we all had to evacuate the parking lot and head to Cameron Indoor Stadium because of a severe storm that was moving into the area. So I was pretty much stuck there, watching volleyball and eating pizza with the guys, until the skies cleared at 10pm. I had to abandon my six pack and Matt and I ended up sharing a water bottle full of sweet tea vodka and lemonade. It was a pretty interesting evening. I always enjoy feeling like a college student again, but I’m pretty glad I got to leave campout and go to bed at home rather than sleep in the back of a moving truck.
IMG_0550.JPG IMG_0551.JPG
It was a fun weekend, but a tiring one! See ya.
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Posted on Apr 15, 2012 | 2 comments

Hey, hey. Hows it goin?

The weekend is over, but for once I’m a bit relieved. The event I’ve been putting together took place over the weekend and I’m happy to say that everything went pretty smoothly! The other co-chairs and I have been working for a few months to plan the programming for the partners of students who have been admitted to Fuqua. I really believe in the support that the partners organization provides and was excited to be involved in such an important event for the partners of admitted students. It felt great to be able to interact with the incoming partners and calm their nerves about the transition. And I didn’t even mind having to work on a Saturday.


Other highlights of the weekend included a margarita enjoyed with friends by the warmth of the fire pit at Alivia’s


And amazing tacos at Nana Taco on Saturday during our lunch break: I got broiled fish, pork butt, and garlic beef and loved them all.


When Matt and I got home from Duke on Saturday evening (he volunteered for the admitted students weekend too), we decided to relax and unwind with a bottle of wine outside on our deck. We always talk about doing this and rarely do. The bottle was a gift from my dad and was just right for a sunny-n-seventy Saturday.


Excited to have a Saturday night with no plans, Matt and I walked over to Rue Cler (a french restaurant) for dinner with a soon-to-expire Groupon. We were able to get a table right away and the service was great. Matt had the beef gnocchi to start and stared bites with me. Perfect pillows and fabulous flavor!


I had a mahi-mahi with lemon and some sort of white sauce. It was served over lentils, picked beets, and cabbage I think? This was tangy and very light and summery!


For dessert, we shared the thin-mint ice cream and a crepe stuffed with strawberries and fresh whipped cream. OMG, the ice cream was amazing! There were huge chunks of thin mint cookies and the consistency was so thick and chocolatey.


The crepe was just ok. It was really thin and didn’t have much flavor, so this dessert was basically just strawberries with whipped cream. While I like that combo, it wasn’t anything out of the ordinary.


Our waiter confused our order and actually brought us a creme brulee, so we ate that too:) It was a pretty standard creme brulee and tasted good with bites of the crepe.

And that’s my weekend. Short, but oh so sweet.

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Bud, Bbq, Bball

Posted on Feb 15, 2012 | 3 comments


In case you were wondering, the beer tasting went well (duh). The Moo Hoo won by a long shot and I’d definitely buy it again. Matt actually picked out a fancy Southern Tier beer for me too (but I’m saving it….). We must know each other well!


I’m back to being overwhelmed at work, so I wasn’t in the greatest of moods this evening. I def. have a love-hate relationship with working part-time. I feel phenomenal having more time to myself, but I’m extra stressed trying fit so much work into so little time. But I did feel a bit better after a good spin session. And then I met Matt at Cameron for a Fuqua bbq before the Duke women’s game. The food wasn’t anything special (well, expect for the three-bean baked beans), but it was nice to have an after work activity. I’ll even admit that I drank a small Bud Light. I mean it’s hard to resist a keg and a man with a pitcher walking around with refills….


I need an early bedtime tonight to get the energy for a long day of report writing tomorrow. And so I can stay chipper through the rainy day. Adios.

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