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T Minus One Week

Posted on May 27, 2013 | 8 comments

I want to say it was a super relaxing weekend – that everything is all set and ready to go and we enjoyed salads and tranquility. Instead we ran around the house like crazy people and then engaged in some emotional eating afterwards:) Life is good.

I didn’t exactly plan for the whole packing thing, and now I’m regretting some of the DIY projects I took on – why would I think it’s a good idea to transport boxes of supplies and decor to an island in a small sedan? Matt and I had the tape measure out late last night, and I think it’s all going to fit.


Saturday night, we took a break and ventured out to Watt’s Grocery in search of light appetizers. We enjoyed strolling through Duke’s campus – only a few more weeks of lovely campus walks.


I ordered a delightful bourbon drink make with ginger syrup and mint.

And Matt and I shared a soft shell crab with a spicy aioli and the pimento cheese – both were awesome.


Afterwards, we walked to our favorite neighborhood bar – The Federal – for one last snack. They were out of a bunch of stuff on the menu because of holiday weekend crowds, so we ended up with this giant nacho platter. It’s like we hadn’t already had enough cheese and thought this would be a good idea. As we cleared the plate clean, I told Matt we really are a perfect match:)


On Sunday, we lured my parents over with lasagna to help stuff welcome bags and bake whoopie pies.

I’ve given up on keeping the apartment clean – there’s stuff everywhere, and since we’re moving soon, there’s no point in finding a place for most things.
The men meticulously filled little boxes with candy and took their job as icing testers very seriously.
We leave Wednesday. Who knows if and when I’ll blog. I hope to soon be on cloud 9.
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The Graduate

Posted on May 12, 2013 | 6 comments

Congrats to Matt for not only making it through two challenging years of business school at Duke, but for getting awesome grades along the way and a fabulous job in the end!! I’m so proud:)










Graduation weekend is complete and was fantastic!!!! Next up, wedding.
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More April Showers

Posted on Apr 28, 2013 | 6 comments

I had the pleasure of attending two baby showers this weekend!


Don’t ya just love shower food?!


This was like a nutty pineapple carrot cake combo involving cream cheese and buttercream!!!!


Cheers to [one of the] lovely moms-to-be:)


The second shower on Sunday had fabulous food too! Both showers were gender-neutral, which meant lots of yellows and greens.



I had never had mint m & m’s before – soo addicting!



After Saturday’s shower, Matt and I grabbed pizza with friends at Pizzeria Toro.


We shared the asparagus salad and a spicy clam pizza – I can’t believe I’m going to Italy next month – this meal made me soooo excited!


After we said good night to our friends, we couldn’t resist a drink at Mateo Tapas (my very favorite in Durham). We have so few free weekends left here! So even though we had just finished dinner, we ordered the blue cheese stuffed bacon wrapped dates because they are heavenly.


What a nice weekend! And after today’s shower, I had my second-to-last fitting, so my dress is just about ready to be picked up. Yay!

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Never Too Late to Celebrate

Posted on Apr 14, 2013 | 6 comments

The highlight of my weekend was definitely a little engagement party we had at Six Plates wine bar on Thursday!! A couple of of friends got together and hosted and it was so sweet! I don’t think anyone has ever planned a party for me and it just meant so much to have all our friends gather together to celebrate.


Of course, since it was at a wine bar, there was wine! Its so fun being able to choose wines on tap. And I ended the night with a tawny port – one of my favorite things for a special occasion.


Matt and I shared some small plates – spicy shrimp with plantains and a white bean and asparagus flatbread.


Dessert! These cute cupcakes were from Whole Foods and the strawberry and peanut butter icings were just divine.

There were also little cheesecake bites that were so rich and delicious.



[the men are participating in a stache bash]




The best part was this cookbook from a local Durham chef that everyone signed – LOVE it! And the recipes look great! Our friends did such an amazing job. I’m going to miss them so much:(

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Spring Break for Dinner

Posted on Mar 6, 2013 | 6 comments

Our first wedding gift arrived today! It’s equally weird and awesome that presents are just going to start showing up on our doorstep.


We have a whole set of new wine glasses now!!! What do I do with them? Matt says we can’t use them until June 1st?

I don’t do everything Matt says, but when he insists on fish tacos I say yes. He’s on spring break this week, so he’s pretty much drinking beer and bourbon and cleaning everything in sight. I came home to find the sweaters in my closet organized and folded. I can’t really reach them, so my sweater shelf is always a disaster. Not anymore!


Anyway, with these freezing temperatures and the miserable wind, I think he just wanted to feel tropical. And tacos, mexican beer, and a festive atmosphere is really the only way to do that in the middle of Durham. We went to Nana Taco and I got the special – tuna tacos with spicy tomato jam.


The meat was slightly charred and the jam was divine. What a fabulous dinner. I kinda want to go back on Friday.

Now we’re getting ready to watch Magic Mike. Barleywine for him, sleepy time tea for me.


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