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And just like that it’s over

Posted on Jun 17, 2011 | 6 comments

…and it feels so.damn.good.

This internship has been a wonderful experience and I couldn’t be happier with the placement I chose. I definitely want to share some of my reflections with you, especially in response to my working woman mission. For now though, I’m going to enjoy this last day and spend my afternoon consuming pints of water, malt, yeast, and hops.


PS: check out my man legs in Thursday’s snapshot. I actually ended up taking off the boots and belt because Matt and I agreed that this was just not appropriate for work.

Happy Friday!

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Posted on Jun 4, 2011 | 3 comments

was wonderful.





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Out to Sea

Posted on May 27, 2011 | 2 comments

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is now warm enough for skirts with bare legs. I’m so excited to finally wear some summer-ish clothing!


But just when it warms up in Boston, I’m headed somewhere even colder….the beautiful and breezy island of Nantucket! Matt’s good friend has a house there and we’ve been fortunate enough to be invited to visit quite a few times while living in Boston. Memorial day weekend is when the annual Figawi race of sailboats from Hyannis to Nantucket takes place, and the island is one big party. I’m all for a burgers and day-time drinking in the sunshine. But, what I’m really hoping for is some good ole relaxation. I’ll keep you updated as usual:)

I wish you all a peaceful and pleasurable Memorial day weekend!

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A Night In

Posted on May 21, 2011 | 1 comment

Happy, Happy Saturday! Yes it is. It’s so fun just having a day to myself. I’ve already gotten so many things accomplished and we’re meeting friends for dinner tonight!

Last night was low-key because, after two indulgent weekends, we decided a night in was in order. Around 5 o’clock I started getting that itch to go out, but as soon as we popped open a bottle of Rheinhessen, the urge went away. This was FAB-U-LOUS. My perfect white wine and less than $6 a bottle.


We made a good ole pizza with tomato sauce, feta, basil, and sun-dried tomatoes and caught up on Mad Men episodes. I was in bed by 11 and it was glorious.



And because I never got around to posting yesterday (sorry!) a weekly outfit shot for your entertainment:) K bye.


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Scramble n Toast

Posted on May 19, 2011 | 10 comments

Thanks for the interesting comments! I had fun reading them.

Today was a great average day – I was productive at work, my lunch was great, I got my sweat on at spinning, I bought fun songs on iTunes, and I have a new hair dryer! I kind of hate drying my hair in the morning, but after three days of cold, wet hair, I’m pretty excited for tomorrow morning.

And, I’m pretty excited for sun and the weekend. After two weekends of visitors and travel, I’m pumped to just sit around and enjoy Boston. So, I have a question for ya. It seems like ever since I shifted from the old fashion friday to the new version, people started losing interest (I’m making this assumption based on comments)….is this true? It won’t hurt my feelings if it is:)

Matt’s out to dinner tonight, so I scrambled around the kitchen looking for dinner and ended up with a scramble – of black beans, tomatoes, feta, and spinach.


With a side of hummus toast (I think the black beans made the eggs look weird). My this was unexpectedly filling.

I’m off to bed extra early to try and cure the zombie- California-time-change-hangover that’s been haunting me every morning this week. Night.

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