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Unexpected Outing

Posted on Oct 9, 2012 | 1 comment

Surprise! I got to go out to dinner tonight:) My mom (check out my guest post) is on a girl’s trip, so my dad proposed a last minute dinner date. While waiting on Matt, we opened a bottle of red that my dad found for $6.99 – we had to evaluate it to determine if he should go buy more! You know I don’t tend to drink French reds, so I wouldn’t really know a good one, but I loved this! It seemed to have more flavor than others I’ve tried. But then again, I think I’m just stereotyping French wine because I love my South American and Spanish reds so much.


We had small pours, so I’ve got a bottle to finish up this week!


For dinner, we headed over to Dale’s for Indian food. I feel like we haven’t had Indian (in a restaurant) in soo long – ever since Matt got back from India and declared he would be taking about a year off from all Indian food.

We shared the vegetable sampler above, and although I didn’t really know what I was eating, it was all good.


For my dinner, I ordered the shrimp sag. It was lovely over basmati.


And lovely scooped up onto a piece of naan.

Oh, and my dad replaced my banana peppers, because he happenend to have two jars in the pantry! Lucky me:)

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Indian Ramblings

Posted on Aug 18, 2011 | 5 comments

Remember my weekly Indian meals from TJ’s? Well, I haven’t been shopping at TJ’s as much (since it’s all the way in Chapel Hill), but I found the Whole Food equivalent. Gotta love veggies in a box.


But really, I so enjoy these Indian delights, esp. when I have naan and rice on hand.


I seriously need to go to a real Indian restaurant soon, or have one of my new Indian friends cook something authentic for me. But, what I’d really like to do is just go to India…


I worked out in the AM yet again, so I’ve been home since 5:30 and I really don’t know what to do with myself. I’ve gotten used to being busy so I’m a bit antsy, but I love having time. My breakfast is packed, my lunch is packed, now I’ve blogged. This is the first time in my adult life that I’ve had cable – it’s time to explore my 70 new channels.

Any one in the RDU area have a good recommendation for Indian food?

Tomorrow is Friday!!! Night.

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Back to Lentils

Posted on May 31, 2011 | 4 comments

Whew…I am tired. So tired I didn’t bother to shower after the gym (ewww, gross – I know). I got up at the crack of dawn to prepare for an IEP meeting for which the parent did not show up:( The good news? I’ve only got three more assessment cases to close the door on before I will be officially finished with the work load at my internship. The.end.is.near. I’m starting to feel stressed about the move though. Like all the logistics of moving my whole life. So do I buy boxes or just put clothes in trash bags? When do I change my mailing address? When do I stop buying groceries and start eating only gross pantry combos? There’s just so many things to think about. Speaking of pantry combos, tonight’s nourishment came in the form of spicy black lentils and kidney beans from a Trader Joe’s Indian meal. We had that strange South Indian bread on the side instead of naan and the texture combination was pretty awesome.


Now I’m suffering from the I was just on vacation indulging in amazing food and I want to eat everything in sight syndrome. Do you guys get that after coming back from a trip?

Despite my glorious weekend, I didn’t get much rest, so I’m getting in bed as early as possible. Oh, and tomorrow is already Wednesday…lovin’ this short week!

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Roll Of Thunder, Hear My Cry For Summer

Posted on Apr 4, 2011 | 2 comments

What is up?

April showers have arrived in Boston. I actually don’t mind too much though because the temps are warmer and I heard a nice roll of thunder today. And you know what thunder means….summer’s on the way. Thunder always makes me think of childhood thunderstorms during hot North Carolina summers.

Today was really rather ordinary. I worked, I spun, I ate, and now, I sit. Until the game comes on, then I’ll be cheering for Butler!


Dinner, was standard Indian fare from TJ’s – this time the summer vegetables with cashews and paneer cheese. I can’t remember if I’ve had this one or not, because there are too many to keep them straight in my brain. It was good though and naan never fails.


Tomorrow, I’m hosting a fondue book club discussion on Sarah’s Key. If you want to contribute any virtual thoughts about the book, please do so! Goodnight friends.

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Stuffed with Stuffed Naan

Posted on Mar 27, 2011 | 3 comments

I’m starting to get really lazy on Sundays, but I like it! I finally attempted the gym, but after getting a weird feeling in my stomach after 20 minutes of running, I decided to call it quits. The gym and I need to get reacquainted! Maybe tomorrow.

Matt and I had a restaurant.com gift certificate for a cute Indian place in neighboring Brookline, and since we didn’t get to hang out last night (I was babysitting till midnight), we decided to go out on a Sunday!

I forgot my camera and had to use my phone, but you get the idea…


We split chickpea and pea samosas and naan stuffed with raisins, nuts, and coconut. Naan is phenomenal on its own, but stuffed with sweetness? Heaven.

Our main course was a combination of shrimp, scallops, and swordfish in a curry sauce. I was very impressed with this dish, especially with the quality of the seafood. Our meal was just perfect for a cold and cozy Sunday dinner. I feel so content.
I’m off to prepare for another work week and I’m quite happy that my apartment is sooo clean (Thanks Matt!). Adios.
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