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Posted on May 4, 2014 | 8 comments

Thanks for your sweet comments!

I was sick all week long and spent a lot of time on the couch watching Dawson’s Creek, eating pancakes, and sleeping. But the whole time I was smiling! After 61 cover letters and interviews for 13 different positions, I am finally done. I have accepted the role of Learning Specialist at an independent school! The position is brand new, so I will be spearheading the development of policies and procedures surrounding the academic support program, coordinating support services for students with learning differences, and acting as a resource for parents and teachers. My role will be similar to what I was doing last year as a school psychologist, except that I won’t be testing students to determine special education eligibility (because I.D.E.A. doesn’t apply in private settings), and I’ll be working in ONE SCHOOL! I am pumped for this challenge, and I am so grateful for the opportunity to be working with an amazing group of professionals. I substituted on Friday and only got more excited to be back in a school setting with the kiddos. I don’t start until the new school year, so I will continue working at Equinox in the meantime.

Needless to say, Matt and I celebrated this weekend.


We popped open a bottle of Prosecco that’s been in my fridge since December.


We drank it in the park by our apartment while the sun was setting and then ordered Thai takeout. It was a wonderful evening.


Saturday morning, I was finally feeling up for some exercise afer 4 days off – I took Matt with me to a spinning class and then tried out the steam room for some relaxation afterwards. Felt so good to sweat!


Matt let me pick our Saturday evening dinner destination, and I went with Komali because of the incredible Mexican-inspired menu – seriously my dream menu. We walked to dinner in the glorious 80 degree temps.


Cheers! I ordered a tamarind margarita with a spiced rim and it was amazing.


For appetizers, we ordered the goat cheese with morita chile and piloncillo,


as well as the PEI mussels with pasilla chile flakes, cilantro, and tequila – whatever crema was on the toasted baguette was out of this world.


For entrees, we ordered the pan seared scallops with cauliflower poblano rajas, apple compote, and ancho chile glaze,


and the poblano pepper stuffed with beef tenderloin and dried fruits & nuts with toasted walnut sauce and cilantro.


And lastly, the pumpkin tres leches with candied pepitas and cinnamon whipped cream.

Everything we ordered was amazing – I’m kind of in love with Komali now. We definitely went all out, and the dinner made for one hell of a celebration!

Hope y’all had a lovely weekend.

PS: thank you for the continuous support this year and for bearing with me during these past couple of crazy months!

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Scenes from the Weekend

Posted on Apr 28, 2014 | 24 comments

I’ll leave you with snaps from my wonderful, low-key weekend because I’m too tired from work and being sick to write a full recap. I have a cold/cough and found out I also have an infection – the antibiotics are already destroying my stomach:( Plus, I’m too excited to focus on writing a post right now because….


I GOT A JOB. I GOT A JOB. I GOT A JOB! Wooohoooooooo. I just found out a few hours ago and am beyond excited!








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Week At Home

Posted on Jun 13, 2012 | 5 comments


I’ve been trying to relax at home this week, but things have been hectic as usual. There’s some complications with my job in the fall (that I hope to share with you soon), so I’ve been dealing with that since Monday.


In between that, I’ve been feasting on watermelon, cooking tilapia burgers for my parents, and attempting to come up with a guest list that’s less than 160 people (not fun).


This evening, I had dinner with a friend (now bridesmaid!) and now I’m half watching the season premiere of Dallas and half catching up on the internets.



Tomorrow’s about last-minute errands (and maybe some shopping!), and then we’re heading to Baltimore on Friday. I’m sooo excited to go to a wedding this weekend and eat cake. And see a whole lotta family!

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Cabinet Cleanse

Posted on Jun 5, 2012 | 3 comments

This is what happens when you come home ravenous and are trying to clean out the cabinets. I made it a cereal night because I was especially hungry by 5pm today. No time for cooking! I’ve been so hungry since I got back from Atlanta and I’m wondering if the ~8 miles of walking just caught up with me? My doctor says my blood sugar is low so I’m curious to find out what that’s all about too.



I found this crack almond butter in the cabinet (from Kath?) that I was just gonna save for when I get back, but I couldn’t resist opening it. Wise decision it was. SOOOO goood. I gave up coffee 2 years ago, so this will be a wonderful morning replacement.


Anyway, today was my last day of babysitting! I’ll really miss the little one because she was just so cute, but I’m happy to close the door on the babysitting thing (at least for now). I’ll actually be doing some sitting over the summer to make some extra dough to spend in Atlanta, but it’s only for a few weeks.

After work, I picked up my engagement ring because I needed to have it made a bit smaller. I couldn’t believe how much I missed it! I mean, I went twenty six years without it, you’d think one week wouldn’t even be noticeable:) I was also pretty excited to peek into the wedding ring case….

Just two big days between me and summer vacation. I knew I chose this job for a reason:)


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Mexican Pizza on a Whim

Posted on Feb 1, 2012 | 4 comments

Hi Friends. This was one of the best dinners I’ve ever made. And it just materialized at the last minute in my kitchen! You see, I had Matt turn the crock pot on this morning, with a bottle of TJ’s bbq sauce, a can of beer, and some pork shoulder inside.

But I didn’t really have any ideas as to how I wanted to eat it. I usually like saucy meats over rice, but had the urge for something different. So the bbq pork mexican pizza was born.


Pulled pork on a habanero-lime tortilla, with coby jack cheese, corn relish, shredded carrots, and kidney beans. To-die-for.

As for week three of my new job, I’m feeling a bit more with-it, although still quite overwhelmed. I’m more familiar with faces, I’ve got the building down pat, but the school psychology model is just soo different than what I’m used to. All the teachers are incredible, and since most of them are fresh out of school, they are trained in the latest interventions. And there’s progress monitoring out the wazoo. Data was a scary word for some of the professionals in my Boston schools, but everyone collects data down here. Now it’s scaring me! I’m like the least educated person in the building. But I’m enjoying the challenge and my brain comes home tired each day. Tired, but hungry for mexican pizza and documentaries.

Matt picked out a documentary for this evening’s entertainment, so I’m off to find out what it’s about. Night.

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