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Thoughts from a Thursday

Posted on Apr 10, 2014 | 8 comments

-I loved Caitlin’s post on challenging your own personal narrative – surrounding yourself with positivity is one of the most important pieces of advice out there, and it’s been essential for me this year. Plus, looking on the bright side of things and associating yourself with positive people might be a sign of emotional intelligence!

-I’ve started marking overnight oatmeal to take with me to work and it’s such a nice morning treat. I’d forgotten how much I love it.

-I haven’t finished it yet, but I’d definitely recommend this book! It’s the story of girl [around my age] who hikes the Pacific Coast Trail alone in an attempt to find herself.


-Speaking of mental and physical challenges, I’m finally doing yoga. I haven’t loved any class I’ve taken in the past, but now that I have access to awesome classes, I’m trying to go consistently. I think my bootcamps and strength training classes have helped prepare me physically, but I need to work on the mental side! I’m usually so concerned about my [lack of] flexibility, getting poses right, and keeping up with the class, that my mind is overwhelmed with thoughts.


-I don’t distinctly remember leaves falling off trees here in the fall, but they must have because there is fresh green everywhere! Dare I say Dallas looks lush?

Happy weekend eve!

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Thoughts from a Thursday

Posted on Mar 6, 2014 | 2 comments

-I’ve been counting down the minutes until Friday because, well, it’s Friday, but also because I get to eat Tex-Mex. I become more obsessed with every passing minute in Texas.

-Speaking of obsessed, see below:


-I went out to dinner with a new friend on Tuesday and it was such a nice weeknight treat. We had a beer with dinner and talked for over two hours (that’s a spicy shrimp wrap with slaw, btw). Week night outings are one of the things I have cut out while being unemployed – I feel like I don’t deserve these treats right now, but Tuesday made me realize just how important a girls night out can be for mental health.


-Wednesday, I was waiting to hear back about an opportunity and was feeling antsy and anxious. I broke a really nice beer glass into the dishwasher and burned two fingers in a 500 degree oven:( And then I got a knock on the door with a wedding delivery!! I wasn’t expecting to get the pillows I had registered for so long ago, so I was thrilled. Totally cheered up my day!


-I made the mistake of watching Terms of Endearment for the first time. So.sad.

-Duke/UNC watch party on Saturday night = I’m baking again this weekend!


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Thoughts from a Thursday

Posted on Feb 28, 2014 | 11 comments

-I’ve been eating bowls all week – farro bowl with veggie burger, rice bowl with chickpeas and curry sauce, pasta bowl with chicken sausage and red sauce, and a quinoa bowl with Mexican toppings (sidenote: I took home some of the salsa from Blue Mesa Grill that was served at the party and it is the absolute best I’ve ever had!! I must get more!)


-The daffodils are blooming in Dallas and temps are warming up. Was that winter? If so, easiest winter ever. Also, daylight savings is kinda soon!

-Do you guys have water drinking tips? I’m in a rut and need something new to motivate me. I’m trying to talk Matt into getting a soda stream.

-Sarah Jessica Parker is coming to Dallas! I’m sure it will be packed, but would be fun to go.

-TJ’s now has coconut cashews! They sure make a salad feel tropical.

-This computer is going to die any day now. If I stop posting, you’ll know why…

The weekend is here!!!!

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Year of Surprises!

Posted on Feb 20, 2014 | 8 comments

I participated in an Ambassador Program on behalf of Millennial Central for Marriott Rewards. I will receive Marriott Points to facilitate my review as well as a promotional item to thank me for my participation.

It’s no secret that I’m obsessed with travel. And not just the actual vacation – I adore travel planning and picking the hotel.  So when I was approached about the opportunity to be a Marriott Rewards® Ambassador, I was pumped and applied right away! I’ll be posting two more times over the next six months as part of the program.

If you aren’t familiar with Marriott Rewards, it’s a free hotel rewards program that allows members to redeem points for hotel stays, flights, exclusive events, and shopping. Members also earn status and enjoy benefits such as priority check-in and complimentary room upgrades (you can sign up and learn more at the Marriott Rewards Enrollment Page: Marriott.com/rewards). Matt already participates in the program because he travels quite a bit for work. He researched a couple of different programs and chose Marriott Rewards because you can earn and redeem points at 3,700 properties around the world and because it’s been voted “Program of the Year” 6 years in a row! We already redeemed points for a completely free stay when we were in New Orleans over New Year’s!

This year, Marriott Rewards is celebrating its 30th birthday with a Year of Surprises. I love the idea that there are a million reasons to celebrate. I mean, I probably celebrate something small every day. My favorite way to celebrate big events, birthdays, holidays, anniversaries is obviously through food, and my family pretty much celebrates everything with cake! I’ve never had a surprise party though (I’m such a planner, I think Matt is afraid to try). I did surprise Matt with airline tickets to Miami once! Anyway, Marriott Rewards is looking for memorable and unique ideas for surprise parties, and you can nominate anyone you think deserves to be celebrated at yearofsurprises.com. I bet it’s a lot easier to pull off a surprise party when someone else is doing the hard work! For more details on the contest, visit the Year of Surprises Official Rules at yearofsurprises.com/rules.


Have you ever pulled off a surprise party for someone else or been successfully surprised? I kinda want to plan one now!

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Thoughts from a Thursday

Posted on Jan 30, 2014 | 4 comments

-I have to admit, I’m not that sad to see January go!

-There’s nothing quite like a new jar of drippy almond butter.

-Wolf of Wall Street is just insane.


-I tried a new healthy fast food restaurant concept last night called Start. The space was cute and the food was great for ‘fast’ food. Mahi wrap with sweet tots:


-My friend just adopted a pug, and now I kinda want one.

-I love the Superbowl because it’s an excuse to eat bar food.

-I want to make this asap.

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