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Little Things

Posted on Oct 10, 2012 | 1 comment

Getting a run in before work changes my whole day! I went to work a little later this morning (because of a last minute schedule change that required me to go to a different school), and I was able to go for a quick 25 minute jog around the neighborhood. It wasn’t much, but being out there in the cool morning air and being done with a workout by 7:30 just makes me feel happy and energized for the rest of the day. One day I’ll find a job that starts at 9:) I also had a meeting that went into the evening, so it worked out well. And there was birthday cake at the meeting!!! Apparently, the psychologists in my district celebrate staff birthdays each month, and since I’m an October baby, I celebrated with a large slice.

I hadn’t planned on such a big snack though, and since Matt wasn’t able to make it home for dinner, I cancelled the Mexican meal that had been on the menu, and settled with a veggie [No Bull] burger over a salad. I bought tomato basil feta this week, instead of my usual goat or blue, and it was so delicious on this salad. Its the little things.


And then I had a girls night. Except there weren’t any other girls. Just French red, and a Sandra Bullock movie.


Now Remember The Titans just came on! I’ve got my furry flippers and my hoodie on, and I’m just gonna keep this cozy night going. A very happy hump day to you all.

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The Lucky One

Posted on Apr 24, 2012 | 3 comments

Brrr…I’ve just returned from the movie theater and I’m happy to be under the covers.

My day was filled with more babysitting and in the tiny span of time between that and going to the movies, I threw together some bean tostadas. I used the lime refried beans I love so much along with jalapenos, peach salsa, and corn relish all in the oven on two corn tortillas. And my first corn on the cob of the year (wow, that’s a lot of corn)


A few years ago, I would have never thought a vegan, gluten free, vegetarian dinner thrown together in 10 minutes could taste so good!

So I went to see The Lucky One with some girlfriends. While I can’t say it was a movie that was on my ‘must go see’ list, I’m a Nicholas Sparks fan and generally enjoy looking at Zac Efron. Going into it, I didn’t know anything about the movie, other than a few rumors that it isn’t worth seeing. Having low expectations was good, because I really enjoyed it!!! The setting was beautiful and some of the cinematography was quite nice. I also loved the music and the female main character’s outfits. While Zac’s acting was a little blah, so was his character, so I don’t think it’s all his fault. I always enjoy a good ole love story and movies like that one remind me of going to the theater as a teenager – back when romance was still a mystery. I felt quite lucky to come home to my own version of Mr. Efron writing a paper at the kitchen table tonight:)
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The Best

Posted on Mar 27, 2012 | 4 comments

Your comments from last night? The best way to make me feel better about a silly spill.

Goat cheese and sun-dried tomato ravioli: hands down the best flavor from the Trader Joe’s collection.


Beer left over from Christmas: the best remedy for chilly weather and a long day.


The Hunger Games: the best book-to-movie I can ever remember.

Getting in bed when you’re really tired and your feet are cold: among the best of the best things in life.


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What A Weekend

Posted on Feb 26, 2012 | 6 comments

My weekend was….eventful! I kicked Friday off with the Vegas-style auction and poker night at Fuqua. The event seemed to be a big success, which means lots of $$ raised for the NC Special Olympics.


And the weekend concluded with an Oscar event. Jill and Brendan hosted a fabulous viewing party this evening and costumes were required. Can you guess who we are? Every time the Oscars come around, I always regret not seeing more movies – they really are a beautiful form of art.


And between my two events, you know food and beer had to be involved. Saturday night, Matt and I enjoyed a barley wine from one of our favorites breweries:


And then we headed to one of our favorites for dinner. I was so pumped to see a giftcard deal for Pop’s on the internet last week. Pop’s is already one of the more reasonably priced restaurants in Durham, but $50 of food for $25? Yes please!


The focaccia bread is ever so fluffy.


Matt and I shared a steak and sausage salad to begin. This was a hearty portion of meat! Mmm.


And the main event, oh the main event, was a grilled salmon with gnocchi, arugula, ricotta and a spicy tomatillo relish. Pop’s continues to impress. This was fantastic, and would you believe that Matt’s mussel-stuffed flounder was even better? Love.

We finished off the night with conversation and port and friends at the wine bar.

That, my friends, was a good weekend. Night.

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Frambozen + NYE

Posted on Dec 20, 2011 | 10 comments

Another quick hello tonight. I had to do some grocery shopping this evening and then ate a quick dinner before heading to the movies with friends. Dinners have been pretty random these past two weeks because all the running around hasn’t left much time for cooking. Tonight I had a boring ham + avocado sandwich and fries. But I did have a great beer:


Twas a mix between a wine cooler (I have fond memories of these, unlike many others), a lambic, and a barleywine. It was a nice contrast to all the nutty, dark beers I’ve been drinking lately. As for the movie, I saw New Year’s Eve. As can be expected, the plot was blah, but I actually really enjoy the celebrity-heavy silly movies and the message at the end was warm. I also love watching movies that involve holidays and this one definitely got me excited for a low-key New Year’s involving good food and company (aka, Matt and a restaurant on our little getaway)

Sorry for the short and boring posts this week. Between the Christmas parties and trying to get organized for a party of my own, holiday cooking, and a busy work week, I haven’t been able to devote as much time to posts as I’d like. I promise I’ll update you on my work situation soon. One hint for now: my new [part-time] job involves having summers off!. Night.

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