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Beauty & The Beast with ScoreBig

Posted on Apr 24, 2014 | 1 comment

Gosh I love Dallas. Now that the weather is warm, I’ve been taking more walks and soaking in the sunshine. Last night, I had the opportunity to walk downtown to see Beauty and the Beast!


ScoreBig contacted me about trying their website to buy tickets to an event and provided me with $100 towards the tickets. Woohoo! If you aren’t familiar with ScoreBig, the site offers tickets for sports, concerts, theater, Broadway, family shows, and attractions. I found the website really easy to use – I typed in my location and all the available tickets popped up! In Dallas, it looked like most of the tickets were for sports. There were tickets for shows and concerts, but the dates were pretty limited. However, it seems like the availability can change quickly, and you can set up alerts so that you are notified as soon as tickets become available. Anyway, I picked Beauty and the Beast because it’s a classic, but also because I’ve been wanting to check out the AT&T Performing Arts Center downtown.


Once I picked my event, I had a couple of options for tickets, based on seating. There were 2-star, 3-star, and 4-star seating options and each had a list price. I originally wanted to buy 2-star tickets, but by the time I got around to purchasing them, they were sold out! I went with the 3-star seating, which had a list price of $100 per ticket. Now, the cool part – I got to make an offer on the tickets based on what I wanted to spend! By choosing a seating area rather than an exact seat, the ticket providers can offer better deals (if you buy multiple tickets, the seats will be together). Once you type in your offer, there’s a little indicator that tells you the likelihood of your offer being accepted. I offered $55 for each ticket, and found out instantly that my offer was rejected:( BUT, on that same screen, I had the opportunity to buy the tickets for $64, so I did! The nice thing about the pricing is that there’s no fees and free delivery is included, so I didn’t have to pay any service fees after that. I entered payment information and got an email confirmation indicating that my tickets would be at will call. Pretty simple!

I thought $64 was a fair price for a musical, given the list price. I must say though, after I saw how empty the theater was, I’m not sure I got that great of a deal. I think I’ll definitely browse the site in the future though, because I bet the 2-star tickets (list price $50) would have been more reasonable and the seats almost as good. The seats were up pretty high in the balcony, but were in the first row.
As for the show, it was awesome!! I had forgotten how good of a story it is! And I knew all the music so well that I just wanted to break out into song and dance with the actors.
I sipped wine too, which was fun. I’ve been 21 for a while now, but for some reason I’ve only gotten a drink at the theater once or twice before!
Thanks to ScoreBig for the tickets! Definitely check it out the next time you’re in the mood for entertainment but don’t want to pay full price!
Happy weekend eve.
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The Blind Butcher and Betty Who

Posted on Mar 31, 2014 | 2 comments

This weekend was such a good one, filled with food and other festivities! Friday, Matt and I tried a new neighborhood eatery called The Blind Butcher. The atmosphere (upscale pub/speakeasy), service, and food were fantastic. And we were quite pleased when the bill came to $40!

A mint julep and the soon-to-be famous pretzel bread with mustard to start:

IMG_8111.JPG IMG_4931.JPG

We ordered the pastrami egg roll appetizer, which was my favorite item of the night. It was crispy on the outside with salty pastrami and sour sauerkraut inside. Meat.is.so.good.


There were a bunch of different sausages to choose from, but we went with the special since it sounded, well, special. Beef sausage over mashed potatoes with an apple bourbon sauce! All the meats are made in house btw. Sorry it looks kinda gross:)


And bacon brussels on the side.


The menu was full of other items that sounded amazing – can’t wait to go back!


Saturday, we met friends for brunch at The Company Cafe. Despite the chilly morning air, we sat outside in the sunshine and it felt glorious. I had a local ginger kombucha and a to-die-for bacon and egg biscuit. I think I’m going to dream about this sandwich.


Matt and I always talk about going to concerts and other performances, but we rarely get our acts together and, as you know, always just end up eating:) So I was excited when my friend Liz discovered a fun indie pop concert in Deep Ellum and organized a group! We rarely go out in Deep Ellum, but it’s such neat area with lots of live music and hole in the wall restaurants.


We stopped in the famous Angry Dog for beer and bar food before the concert – fried mushrooms and the Angry chili dog!


The concert was awesome! I LOOVED Cardiknox and Betty Who!!


The songs were catchy and their dancing was quite entertaining. We had a blast.


Sunday was also wonderful – we walked to the coffee shop for chai lattes, [attempted] to play tennis, and made fish tacos for dinner. Oh spring weekends, you’re the best.

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New Orleans: The Sights

Posted on Jan 5, 2014 | 7 comments

Matt and I had both been to New Orleans before, but it was a long time ago for me and only a 48 hour trip for Matt. So, we wanted to see the sights. We had planned to do a ton of walking and a few morning runs, a historic bike tour of the city, and a walking tour of the French Quarter. Sadly, we had rain and unusually cold temperatures, so we weren’t up for as much outdoor activity as we had hoped.

The only nice weather we had was when we arrived on Sunday night. We headed straight for Bourbon St. and searched for a balcony to have a drink, since we knew it would be getting colder.


The bars sure were hopin’ on a Sunday night!



We found a great spot on the corner of a balcony – Matt tried one of the famous grenades and I had an Abita Purple Haze, an old favorite from my college years.


On Monday, we headed out for a long walk through the Garden District.


I love looking at houses, so we weaved through some of the back streets and checked out some of the mansions.


I’m obsessed with the old architecture and all the little details on the houses. They just don’t have places like this in Dallas.



I also enjoyed the live music, which was everywhere. It’s too bad it wasn’t warmer because I think we would have spent more time just listening to music in the streets.


Jackson Square was one of my favorite areas – it reminds me so much of Savannah (another favorite city of mine) and I love the combination of palm trees and old architecture.



We opted to skip the walking tour of the French Quarter and did a carriage tour instead – they provided big blankets, so it was a lot more enjoyable than walking. I would definitely recommend this! My hair pretty much looked this terrible the whole trip because of the drizzle…


Gosh I love the French Quarter!



On our last day, we walked along the water to the IMAX, where we saw a documentary on hurricane Katrina. It was SO interesting (and scary) and a great way to warm up.


One of the highlights for me was seeing Imagine Dragons perform! They put on a free show for the Sugar Bowl and they were awesome.


We met up with Andrew again and he had snagged a great spot. Demons is one of my favorite songs ever, so I was pumped!


I’m sad the trip is over, but I was so happy to get home right before I came down with a classic cold. There’s nothing like being in your own bed when you’re sick. I’ve done a whole lotta nothing this weekend, and feel relaxed and excited for a fresh, new year!

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Enchiladas and Other Ramblings

Posted on Oct 23, 2012 | 8 comments

Last night was a blast – Ingrid was phenomenal and Rufus was hilarious!


Before the show, we had a delicious Aviator winter beer – I promise to update my beer page soon! It seems like incredible Belgians and high gravity seasonals are the only brews that make the list these days…


I made a big batch of sweet potato and black bean enchiladas – haven’t made these in forever!


I think they are better reheated than fresh out of the oven. And since I was home alone tonight, I had them again for dinner. Which was nice because all I had to do was microwave and eat. It was one of those days that wasn’t busy at all, and for some reason that made me even more tired. Sometimes I think being busy is more energizing than being bored. I forced myself to go to the gym though, and once I was home and showered, I felt so good. Sometimes being clean and in a hoodie on the couch is the best thing in the world. Don’t ya think? Oh, and my gym is getting new treadmills!!! Awesome ones that are easier to run on! I’m so excited that I might actually run indoors again.


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Wedding Weekly: Music

Posted on Sep 27, 2012 | 5 comments

The music at our wedding is VERY important to me. I’ve always imagined having a really classy band that could play all the good wedding songs at the beginning and then awesome versions of today’s hits once the crowd gets going. Sadly, when I realized that a wedding on an island (my wedding is a small gathering on Bald Head Island, NC for those who don’t know!) came with some extra expenses (i.e. delivery fees, transportation, ect), my dream band was the first thing that had to go:( At first, I was nervous to find a DJ because other than talking with them beforehand how do you really know that they won’t talk too much or play dumb songs? For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been reseraching DJ’s and finally just booked one that came highly recommended by my contacts at Bald Head.


Now that the searching is over, I’m actually really excited to have a DJ. For one, I know he’ll be able to play any song under the sun (including remixes that I love) because he’s assured me that if a song exists on the internets, he can get it. I decided to put a music request form on my wedding website, which means guests will get to hear songs they love as well.

Two, there’s nothing better than an awesome band, but almost anything is better than a horrible band. At least I know that the songs will sound good!

And three, when all is said and done, I just want people to have a good time, and, while I think bands tend to do a better job with entertaining the guests, I think DJ’s ultimately lead to more dancing. More dancing equals more fun. And that, my friends, is the goal of the celebration!

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