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Red Velvet

Posted on Dec 26, 2011 | 5 comments

I had a very very merry Christmas (and I hope you did too!) Matt and I helped cook Christmas brunch – pancakes and a huge frittata – and then relaxed and opened presents. I asked for mostly consumables and got some awesome gift-cards! Can’t wait to spend them in the new year.



We also headed to Duke gardens for a family walk and then to see the movie My Week with Marilyn. It was such an enjoyable afternoon and the movie was much different than I expected (in a good way).






Cocktail hour commenced at 5 with beer, baby pictures, and another cheese ball.



IMG_7883.JPG IMG_7886.JPG
Christmas dinner was the traditional Thanksgiving spread, which was really fun because I didn’t spend Thanksgiving with my parents this year.
LOVE my mom’s brandy sweet potatoes!




We rested before dessert because we all wanted to make room for the Christmas cake I was in charge of ordering. I went with a red velvet cake from The Carolina Cake Company and it was fabulous.

I went all out and had two pieces of cake AND a slice of cheesecake, so I was pretty much out of commission for the rest of the evening. SO worth it though for two of the best desserts I have ever had.
We also enjoyed a very special ice wine that Matt and I brought back from a winery in Canada over a year ago.

It’s a sweet dessert wine infused with maple syrup. Just as good as I remember and so nice to share it on this special occasion!
It’s back to work tomorrow, but only for a day!
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Weekend of Eating & Drinking, Part XXXII

Posted on Oct 2, 2011 | 3 comments

Last winter, I had one sip of Southern Tier’s Choklat stout and nearly died. Aside from Pumking (also a Southern Tier beer), this is one of the greatest substances on the planet. Both beers taste just like cake!!! What you see below is actually the Choklat stout mixed with Southern Tier’s Jahva imperial coffee stout. Surprisingly, this is a spring release and my sister gifted it to Matt over the summer.


We’ve been waiting for the temperature to drop to drink it. Matt and I were totally in awe over this beer and we sipped in silence for the first five minutes. Love.


After The Experience, we make the trek to Chapel Hill to use a Living Social deal at Queen of Sheeba. I’ve had positive experiences with Ethiopian food in Boston, so I was pretty excited to try a new place. We only wish our Boston friends could have joined us this time around:( I had hoped to try an Ethiopian beer, but they didn’t have any, so I ordered a South African Cab.


The Injera (sponge bread) at Queen of Sheeba was a lot darker than the others I’ve had – perhaps it was wheat?


I was quite excited to see local, pasture raised grass fed beef on the menu – seems rare for an ethnic restaurant. We got the beef in a sauce similar to bbq and tilapia in a curry-like sauce. The sides were mixed vegetables in two different sauces. I was a little disappointed that we couldn’t choose the sides, but they were still really good. The portions were much smaller than our Boston place, but the flavor of the main dishes was outstanding!!! The beef nearly melted in my mouth and the fish was perfectly seasoned. I was very impressed.


We obviously cleaned the platter.

This morning, I finally got around to making some pumcakes. T’was exciting to kick off the Autumn season.


With peanut butter and hazelnut butter!


I would like to say I sat around all day and enjoyed the fall sunshine, but I had to work. It wasn’t too bad though and I earned some comp time, so I’m happy. I’m in bed and ready for the week. Night.

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Celebrating Matt

Posted on Jul 4, 2011 | 5 comments

Yesterday was about celebration and relaxation. We slept in till 9 and then I made the birthday boy pancakes. It’s only been about three weeks since we’ve had pancakes and the first bite made me realize that I’ve missed our Thursday pancake ritual so.much.


We did some more unpacking and furniture assembly and fit in a quick couples workout in my apartment’s gym:) Then we headed to the lake!


We’re already obsessed with the sandwiches and salads at The Mad Hatter, so we stopped and grabbed lunch on the way. I got a thai peanut wrap, which was good, but really salty. I only ate half.


The lake was a bit crowded, but the water felt great and it was nice to just sit!


I snuck a delicious can of beer into the state park. I found this at Whole Foods and it was a really nice summer beer – not too thin and watery, but light enough for a 90 degree day.


I almost forgot that I have to drive to get around here! Good thing I only bought one:)


We showered and headed out on foot for a before-dinner cocktail.


It was hot!!! But fun to walk.


We stopped into Vin Rouge for a little bourbon at the bar. We ended up meeting the executive chef for another Durham restaurant at the bar, so we put his restaurant on the top of our list.




Another short walk later and we arrived at Parizade for dinner. I remember loving this restaurant the last time I went (in high school), and since Matt and I like Mediterranean food, I figured it would be an ideal birthday spot. I was right!


When I found the ‘Petite Petit’ Petite Syrah that I had back at Sonsie in Boston, I knew I must order it!! Especially because the glass was like $5 less than the same glass in Boston. It was scrumptious.

We ordered the mezze platter to start. Everything was awesome, especially the carrots with golden raisins and the tzatziki. And, surprisingly, I really liked the beets!


As usual, picking an entree was hard for me. Enough though I’m not a huge tuna fan, I went with it because of how it was prepared – crusted in mint and spices and served over tomato orzo with golden raisins.




This was soo wonderful and unlike anything I’ve ever had. The sweetness of the raisins and the tomato paired with the mint were so unique and I loved the texture of the orzo.


Matt was pretty content with his huge portion of seafood paella too.


Oh, and there was cake.


An ice cream cake with a layer of caramel blast, pound cake, and cookies and cream.


Matt is a huge fan of ice cream cakes, and although he likes buttercream cakes too, he has always requested an ice cream cake for his special day.


We’ve tried Coldstone, Carvel, and now Ben and Jerry’s cakes and this one was probably second best. The ice cream was top-notch, but it was definitely less cake-like than Coldstone. Loved the caramel blasts on the top layer!


  I accidentally had four slices and Matt had five. And then we realized we nearly finished off an entire cake between the two of us. Whoops:)


T’was a spendid way to celebrate Matt.

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Banana Cakes

Posted on Dec 10, 2010 | 12 comments

Happy happy Friday friends. How often do you wake up to your house guests making pancakes!? Kanz was a-cookin Kodiak cakes bright and early this morning.


He added lots of fun toppings to the batter: choc chips, bananas, flax seeds, and shredded coconut :

I topped mine with more bananas + regular Trader Joe’s and Nutty’s cinnamon raisin peanut butters. Delicioso.

I worked hard on report writing all day and essentially finished the report that’s due after Christmas!!! Now only two more big IEP meetings to prepare for and I’ll [hopefully] be smooth sailing over the break.

This afternoon I’m taking Kath and Kanz to the Publick House because they have the best selection of Belgian brews in Boston, and then we are heading to a School Psychology Christmas party at Northeastern.

No fashion Friday this week because I didn’t get my act together Monday and my camera was charging this morning. Do people like that anyway because sometimes I feel silly taking pics every day?

I just walked in to cupcakes from Sweet so I g2g. Enjoy the evening!
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Deck the Street

Posted on Nov 18, 2010 | 5 comments

We’re almost out of pumpkin:(


So I had one pumpkin pancake and one regular, and the regular tasted blahhhh in comparison. I never want pumpkin season to end!

But it will have to soon, because the Holiday season has officially begun! I know this because my street was decked in the Christmas lights that mysteriously appear every year:


My weekly dose of food inspired by our friends south of the border:


One day I’ll eat dinner with Matt again and one day I’ll get around to folding the piles of laundry that now sit next to me on the couch. I’m hoping that day is tomorrow. Until then, my friends, I’ll be sleeping, hoping I don’t wake up with the pounding headache I acquired after work.


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