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One Year!

Posted on Jun 1, 2014 | 2 comments

Happy wedding anniversary to my husband and best friend of 8 years.


Thank you for always being positive, understanding, and loving. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your never-ending support, and the encouragement to keep searching for that perfect position this past year.


You’re the absolute best husband a girl could ask for:)


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Thoughts from a Thursday

Posted on May 29, 2014 | 7 comments


-Saturday is my one year anniversary! It’s been a wonderful year of marriage:) I just keep thinking about all the things that were happening at this time last year and I wish I could relive it all. At least some of this is still in the freezer!!!!!


-To celebrate, we’re combining our wedding anniversary with Matt’s 30th and taking a big trip!

-I have enough yoga classes under my belt now that I’m starting to relax and really enjoy it. I get giddy on Thursdays just thinking about going. I never thought I’d say that!!

-I finally got around to starting a new book! I go through periods of tv and novels and I know reading is a better activity before bedtime.

-Currently, my favorite lunch entree: corn tortillas slathered in avocado with scrambled eggs topped with cilantro and hot sauce. Gosh I love eating.


Can someone tell me how it’s the weekend again? I never remember time moving this fast.


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Memory Lane

Posted on Nov 20, 2013 | 17 comments

A little entertainment for your Wednesday morning…

Jason Andre of Seven Season Films put together a GORGEOUS video of our wedding on Bald Head Island! We had debated hiring a videographer, and I can’t tell you how glad I am that we did. Jason was easy to work with and professional and the final product was worth every penny. It is fun to see the ceremony from our guests’ perspective and I’m thrilled to be able to relive that perfect day at any moment.


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Skyline Wedding

Posted on Sep 16, 2013 | 5 comments

Hey blog world.

I’m back from a split-second in Charlotte for a friend’s wedding. As soon as I landed on the east coast I missed it – it’s sooo green! And chilly! It’s fall somewhere, but definately not here.

The wedding took place at the Foundation for the Carolinas, an urban indoor-outdoor space in the middle of uptown Charlotte. Saturday’s weather was perfect and the blue skies were a gorgeous backdrop to the roof-top wedding ceremony.



All of the details of the wedding were very elegant and the menu consisting of steak and salmon, orzo, roasted carrots and parsnips, salad, and grilled focaccia was delicious.




I got lucky with an outdoor table and the view was awesome.


It became even more spectacular at dusk!


I stole a snap of the beautiful bride with her groom against this neat garden wall:)


My bridesmaids, now her bridesmaids:)




The only thing better than eating dinner on the roof of a building is dancing on the roof of a building!


We continued the party on the roof terrace at Ri Ra which reminded me of my college days. Only I can’t stay out that late these days without really feeling it in the morning!

Congratulations to the bride and groom, and thanks for a fabulous weekend and a fun college reunion!

As for Monday, I’m thinking of those affected by the tragedy in DC:( So sad.
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Wedding Memories

Posted on Aug 21, 2013 | 21 comments

The wedding feels so long ago. Even though I’ve already blogged about it and shared pictures, all of the snaps were from Kath’s DSLR. The pictures from our photographer, Theo Milo, were ready once I got back from the honeymoon and they are fabulous!!!! But I had to wait for the disk to make its way to Texas before I could share them. I love them so much and am thrilled with how they turned out. Theo was super easy to work with and clearly very talented!

All that’s left are these memories. So here’s a photo dump to brighten your hump [day]!

0043_Laura_and_Matt_Theo_Milo_Photo.jpg 0031_Laura_and_Matt_Theo_Milo_Photo.jpg 0523_Laura_and_Matt_Theo_Milo_Photo.jpg 0057_Laura_and_Matt_Theo_Milo_Photo.jpg 0061_Laura_and_Matt_Theo_Milo_Photo.jpg 0068_Laura_and_Matt_Theo_Milo_Photo.jpg 0078_Laura_and_Matt_Theo_Milo_Photo.jpg

0092_Laura_and_Matt_Theo_Milo_Photo.jpg  0108_Laura_and_Matt_Theo_Milo_Photo.jpg 0110_Laura_and_Matt_Theo_Milo_Photo.jpg 0128_Laura_and_Matt_Theo_Milo_Photo.jpg 0157_Laura_and_Matt_Theo_Milo_Photo.jpg 0179_Laura_and_Matt_Theo_Milo_Photo.jpg 0194_Laura_and_Matt_Theo_Milo_Photo.jpg 0237_Laura_and_Matt_Theo_Milo_Photo.jpg 0270_Laura_and_Matt_Theo_Milo_Photo.jpg 0274_Laura_and_Matt_Theo_Milo_Photo.jpg 0280_Laura_and_Matt_Theo_Milo_Photo.jpg 0311_Laura_and_Matt_Theo_Milo_Photo.jpg 0315_Laura_and_Matt_Theo_Milo_Photo.jpg 0539_Laura_and_Matt_Theo_Milo_Photo.jpg 0541_Laura_and_Matt_Theo_Milo_Photo.jpg0556_Laura_and_Matt_Theo_Milo_Photo.jpg 0565_Laura_and_Matt_Theo_Milo_Photo.jpg 0566_Laura_and_Matt_Theo_Milo_Photo.jpg0537_Laura_and_Matt_Theo_Milo_Photo.jpg 0385_Laura_and_Matt_Theo_Milo_Photo.jpg 0390_Laura_and_Matt_Theo_Milo_Photo.jpg 0388_Laura_and_Matt_Theo_Milo_Photo.jpg 0410_Laura_and_Matt_Theo_Milo_Photo.jpg 0400_Laura_and_Matt_Theo_Milo_Photo.jpg 0398_Laura_and_Matt_Theo_Milo_Photo.jpg 0395_Laura_and_Matt_Theo_Milo_Photo.jpg 0383_Laura_and_Matt_Theo_Milo_Photo.jpg 0411_Laura_and_Matt_Theo_Milo_Photo.jpg 0423_Laura_and_Matt_Theo_Milo_Photo.jpg 0429_Laura_and_Matt_Theo_Milo_Photo.jpg 0442_Laura_and_Matt_Theo_Milo_Photo.jpg 0431_Laura_and_Matt_Theo_Milo_Photo.jpg 0449_Laura_and_Matt_Theo_Milo_Photo.jpg 0461_Laura_and_Matt_Theo_Milo_Photo.jpg 0463_Laura_and_Matt_Theo_Milo_Photo.jpg 0467_Laura_and_Matt_Theo_Milo_Photo.jpg 0493_Laura_and_Matt_Theo_Milo_Photo.jpg 0470_Laura_and_Matt_Theo_Milo_Photo.jpg 0514_Laura_and_Matt_Theo_Milo_Photo.jpg

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