1. I found your blog through Kath, and got so excited when you mentioned naan pizzas! I have been making them for a long time now, with Trader Joe’s garlic naan. Don’t you love TJ’s? Love your blog!

  2. Morning! I love Naan pizza andddd my bf and I are huge fans of the banana soft serve =) Yum! PS. I hear ya on the hot sauce, meat, ketchup deal – finding a happy medium does have its challenges!

  3. Jo

    FYI- Walmart is cheaper for a reason. They do not pay their employees well, do not provide adequate health insurance and close stoes when employees try to unionize. Also they ahve been sued many times for sex discrimination.

    • I was actually wondering if anyone would comment on my mention of Walmart when I was writing this post. I’m already aware of these facts as I’ve watched the documentary, but I’m glad you brought this up. My family shopped there a lot growing up, but I definitely don’t support their practices.

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