Dinner and Dancin’



I got to DC around six and hung out with one of my best friends from high school for a bit.  Then she helped me drag my suitcase up to Cleveland Park to meet some college friends at this awesome little cafe. We didn’t sit down until almost 9:30 so we were very ready to eat.

A variety of breads arrived…

And we ordered a bottle of really flavorful white wine. I just went to the restaurant’s web site, but I can’t seem to find it on the wine menu to tell you the name.  I’ve never had a white with so much of a punch…so unique.

We all shared an awesome plate of cheeses with spanish honey in the middle.  Love cheese plates!

We had heard the roast chicken was awesome, so a friend and I split it.  I don’t usually order whole chickens in  restaurants, but this one was juicy and seasoned perfectly!  Some of my friends also got the famous cheeseburger.  I had a bit and it was to die for.

We hopped on the Metro and headed down to Dupont circle in search of two of my other high school friends. Horray for friends!

When we didn’t find them in Dupont, we decided to make the trek to Georgetown on foot.  As I was walking along M street, I actually spotted the friends we had been trying to meet up with.  They were just sitting down to a late night snack at Johnny Rockets, so we sat down and joined them!  I enjoyed some ice water, but these milkshake guru’s couldn’t resist:)

After our pit stop, some of us continued on to Third Edition for a little late-night dancing.

I didn’t get cozy in my friend’s bed until almost 3, so I’m really dragging right now.  We actually had to cancel the tubing for logistical reasons, so we are planning to take my friend’s dog for a walk and grab coffee before possibly relaxing by the pool. Have a good saturday!

  • Lindsay
    August 21, 2010 at 11:41 pm

    Lara, it sounds like you had an amazing night. I know that there is nothing I enjoy more than spending a night on the town with my best friends. I hope that you got some rest so that you have energy to keep hanging with friends!! 🙂