1. Heather

    Such a bummer to hear about the mix-ups at TSP. It’s been on my list to try for awhile (but since so many new places are opening up around here lately, it never gets crossed off!) and I’ve heard great things. It sounds like they handled their mixups gracefully and appropriately, though, which can make all the difference! If you’re fish taco fans, have you been to Ole or Olecito in Inman Square? Delicious.

  2. Katie

    Thanks for the review of Savant Project – I live in Boston and have been wanting to check it out. Sounds like decent food with not-so-decent service. You can tell Jeff that he caught the eye of a single Boston girl;)

  3. Allie

    i went there for drinks, but didn’t eat. i like your honest review. hey Jeff’s cute 😉 i think i’m a bit too old for him tho.

  4. Christine

    Hi! Discovered your blog while reading KERF the other day and was happy to see your reviews of Boston restaurants. I also live here and have been curious about the Savant Project and have been wanting to check it out but now might go just for drinks and music rather than dinner. It’s hard to find good live music so I think it would be worth it. I agree that Jeff is very cute. Hard to believe he is single!

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