1. The meal looks great! Where is this amazing pumpkin risotto?! It sounds like a dish I would love.

    While on the topic of pumpkin, I finally found Pumpking tonight at America Craft and I think I’ve found my new favorite seasonal beer. I’m going to keep an eye out for it in beer/liquor stores. Thanks for introducing me to it!

    Your weeknight bedtime is 10:45? Jeez Laura… I’m usually in bed by 10:00. At the very latest :). I guess that’s what I get for waking up at 5:45!

    I like your experiment of roasting carrots in different shapes in order to discern which yields the best results. I am a fan of roasted carrots, and this post reminded me of how great they are.

    • The risotto is at Amrhein’s in South Boston, but I would call to make sure they have it before you go. Maybe I need to be going to bed earlier? I just can’t get everything finished if I do! Glad you found the Pumking at American Craft:)

  2. You are surrounded by such cool restaurants! I swear, I need to either move to your area or Kath’s! And I always fall asleep SUPER early on Friday nights – I don’t have the energy to do anything after a long week of work and school!

  3. Personally, I do Breyer’s all-natural for ice cream because it seems to have the least-frightening ingredient list. But, for the lowest number of ingredients, I usually pick out a pint of gelato. It’s usually a bit more expensive, but at least I know what exactly it is that’s going on in there.

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