Whew. This trip has already been quite a whirlwind of excitement. Yesterday, we went straight from the airport to Durham to apartment hunt. And, boy did we see a few things we liked…


We’re going back tomorrow and may even make a decision while we’re here!

Unfortunately, my bad headache returned yesterday afternoon and I had to go to bed instead of working out. I guess I’ve just had a lot on my mind and, combined with lack of sleep, my head was exhausted. The good news is the migraine meds worked and I was up and ready to prepare for guests by 6!

I made a Christmas version of my Halloween bark. This one was topped with cranberries and peppermint and made with soy-free chocolate!

My mom made her famous punch spiked with rum!
and we prepared the Fitnessista’s sweet potato black bean chili in the crock pot. We also picked up some local tomato basil goat cheese from the Hillsborough cheese co, which was fabulous.
My bff’s arrived around 7:30 bearing more homemade delights.


We had home-made chicken nuggets, asparagus rolls, and chips + salsa galore!!


My friend Laura brought the gooey-ist most wonderful brownies that were like balls of batter with chunks of chocolate and peppermint on top. Mmmmmmmm. She also brought chai sugar cookies!

Punch was consumed and lots of wonderful conversing took place. Ahhhh relaxation…


I was a little afraid that my headache might return, so I took it easy on the liquor and switched to beer.  My dad purchased a mixed pack of Sam’s winter beers!!

IMG_2592.JPG IMG_2593.JPG
I had a white ale and sips of Matt’s chocolate bock! Liked both, loved the bock.
Also loved seeing these faces:)
Today was spent in Durham again. We looked at two more places and enjoyed italian food in Brightleaf square It’s so fun that you can get an awesome lunch here for $6! Matt and I just got back from my mom’s gym, where we both ran, and now we’re getting ready for another Christmas gathering. Adios.
  • Lauren
    December 23, 2010 at 8:30 pm

    Good luck with the apartment hunting. I know how exciting and scary that can all be.

    Gosh, I just made brownies like that the other day. Totally underbaked and with crushed candy canes on top. It was fantastic because the candy melted into the gooey chocolate. So delicious!