1. aww, i love fashion friday! i’m sad we didn’t get one this week. that pizza looks delicious, though. my homemade pizzas never turn out looking that good!

  2. HA we’re saving our last Pumking too. We got two when we were back in Michigan for Christmas because they’re SO hard to find here in St. Louis. It’s soooo good! I blogged about it recently too. We’ll need a special occasion to break out our last bottle!

  3. As someone originally from Western NY, I just wanted to say hooray for picking two products from Western NY — Yancey’s Fancy is from just east of Buffalo; Southerntier is from the Southwest corner of NYS 🙂 That stinks that you left your computer cord at work. And yay for a successful eligibility meeting! Those can be tough when it’s not what the parent wants to hear.

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