First Frittata

Tonight I attempted my first frittata! I followed Kath’s instructions, but mine doesn’t look as good as hers…


The base was shredded chicken that I covered in pesto, and spinach! I used 2 eggs and 2 egg whites and topped it with white cheddar before moving the pan to the oven.

Kath’s seemed a lot thicker than mine, so I’ll def. use more eggs (or more real eggs in the future).
The chicken was a great addition, but the rest of it was a bit bland. Nothin a little hot sauce couldn’t fix…
Served with [over-roasted] brussels!
Sorry for the short post today guys. I got home on the latish side and was working on job stuff for most of the night. I promise to give a better life update tomorrow. I’m hoping to see the sun again and/or make an appearance at the gym for the first time since last weekend as well. Until then…


  1. Never thought of a frittata with chicken! And I find that if you use whole eggs, it puffs up more . . . we often use egg whites in the carton and come up w/a very flat frittata – good for us, not great for company!

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