No Complaints Here


Another snowy day at home… I actually spent the morning finishing a report. I don’t want to get too behind with all of these surprise vacation days. The best part of working from home is having the flexibility to work out whenever and to decide what I want to eat for lunch in the moment. I went to a noon time spinning class with an instructor I’d never had before. The class was quite interesting. We did five long hills over the 45 minutes, with light sprints in between the hills. The interesting part, though, was dismounting the bike to do push-ups and planks in between the 4th and 5th hill! The planks were really hard, but I’m glad we did the push-ups because I had already decided to skip mine today; it worked out well.

Lunch was an apple, raisin, and blue cheese salad….


with a salsa, avocado, and havarti habanero wrap. Plus a pb banana for dessert/shopping fuel.


After lunch, I walked over to Sephora to spend a giftcard. I enjoy makeup and other girly things, but I prefer to spend money on clothing, so fun makeup is not usually something I’d buy for myself. I came home with a new nail color, a lip gloss sampler, blush, and a slightly violet eye pencil. I had sooo much fun picking these things out…gotta love gift cards.

Matt’s at some incredible work cocktail party, so I’m eating linguine with tj’s vodka sauce, watching the Duke-BC game, and painting my nails this evening. If I don’t do a horrible job with the nails, I may give you a peak at the color tomorrow.

Any news out there in the blog world?
  • Kathryn
    January 27, 2011 at 9:44 pm

    Hi Laura! I’ve been reading your blog for months but have yet to comment (btw- I’m liking the new font style of the heading!) Dinner looks delish- TJs vodka sauce is a favorite of mine too. I live in DC and we also got a snow day- our first big snow of the season, finally! Snow days always make the work week go by so much faster