‘Maids Gathering


Last night was a blast.


I had lots of this:

IMG_3420.JPG IMG_3416.JPG

along with this:


IMG_3421.JPG IMG_3430.JPG

Lauren prepared an awesome taco bar and we had lots of chips and various Mexican themed dips to go along with the main event.



My cake seemed to be successful.

Another guest brought an awesome mint trifle too…
Here’s the recipe for the cake and strawberry buttercream if anyone is interested. I doubled the cake one to make two and added extra milk for moisture, but the icing recipe made more than enough for the whole heart.

I mean, I don’t know about others, but I had three pieces myself and woke up feeling a bit sugary, so I’d say it was a success. I barely made it to spinning at 10, but felt great once I got going. I’ve been doing computer things for most of the day (blogs, emails, report-writing, job follow-ups) and now I’m gearing up for a grocery trip. Matt and I plan to go in search of a causal dinner tonight before heading over to a birthday celebration at a pub.

Weekends are the best.

Over and out.