Favorites: Dining & Dried Apricots


Dining out is probably one of my top five favorite things in life.

The excitement of the bread basket,


choosing a beverage,


and the anticipation of receiving the menu and waiting for the entrée to arrive are so much fun! In the past, Matt and I have chosen low-key restaurants for V-day, but we had a restaurant.com gift certificate for Avenue One that is expiring soon, so we went with swanky this year.


I had a swordfish in a brown butter sage sauce with apricot and cranberry chutney. I’ve always been obsessed with dried apricots and these guys were warm and glazed, so this was pretty much a dream come true.


I cleaned my plate including dredging up the butter with bread and eating all my vegetables:)


Matt and I rarely order dessert, but we figured Valentine’s day is a sweets kinda holiday. We ordered the warm maple waffle per the waiter’s recommendation, but we were quite disappointed when it just looked like a freezer guy with fruit on the side. We ate most of it anyways because I wasn’t sure what the protocol is for sending desserts back to the kitchen. The service was awesome though, and when our waiter saw that we left some on the plate, we were honest with him and the restaurant ended up taking the dessert off of our bill.

I’ve been in a glowing mood all day today – I knocked out another IEP meeting, finished assessing a student, went for a two-mile jog on the ‘mill before deciding I was too tired for the gym, and happily wasted the hours between 7 and 9 playing on the internet:) But, the best news is that there are 50’s in the forecast!!!!! I can see the light and soon I will feel the warmth.

Until tomorrow my friends.


  • Amy Pacheco
    February 27, 2011 at 11:16 pm

    I literally went through ALL of your tagged Boston Restaurant posts and am so excited for some upcoming date nights to NEW places! Yay! Thanks 🙂