1. Jessica

    This was great. I feel like this more days than not, especially being at a job I’m not crazy about….it’s always planning and plotting for the future. Though I try to enjoy the present. 🙂

  2. Trying to always ‘be done’ with things before being ready to enjoy life I also realized at some point that life is more like a big construction site. And.. that it is ok to drop the tools, go home in the evening or have a beer or take a break and enjoy myself. The work will still be there the next day. And it will never really be ‘done’.

  3. Miranda

    In the famous words of John Lennon, ‘time you enjoy wasting, was not wasted’! Very true I think. I have been working full time for two years now and I schedule in my fun times. I look at it as something that needs to be planned along with work, exercise, cleaning. Then if it’s scheduled, it doesn’t matter if you change your plans or do something different, because you’d planned to be having fun anyway 🙂 I know it’s kind of contrary to the point of being spontaneous, but fun is fun, right? I enjoy my day to day life a lot, but I also enjoy looking forward to all my fun plans for the future (like for example, a trip to Rarotonga in August, but buying a house in the next couple of years). You can’t enjoy those awesome long-term life goals if you haven’t planned to make them happen!
    Sometimes, a girl just needs to lie on the couch reading a good book. Even if you need to plan that to make it happen.
    Good luck finding your balance, and have an awesome holiday! I loved San Francisco when I went! 🙂

  4. What a great post, Laura. This really spoke true to me. As a college student, I feel like I’m always “on the go.” But I’ve also realized the importance of finding the right balance…and indulging in life’s little treasures once in a while!

    Have fun in San Fran – jealous!

  5. I totally get that feeling of frustration with the idea of “living in the moment”. I remember it seeming like people just didn’t get it when they would tell me that as a grad student. I think that since finishing grad school and now that I’m transitioning into a new job, staying in the moment is about staying aware of how YOU are feeling, the emotions you are experiencing, etc. Hope you enjoy your (well deserved!) vacation!

  6. Emily G

    Being that I am in my early twenties living in NYC after graduating college and now with a full-time job and life to live, this post beyond resonated with me. This is a daily (more like moment-to-moment) struggle I have to focus on the future, do my job well, and keep everything planned so I can get it all done, while still taking time to breath, enjoy, and take part in the less planned parts of life. It’s hard, I’m not spontaneous either, but I think it’s great that you are conscious of it and working towards finding a balance. I’m trying too haha.

  7. Love this post and the quote from CAY!

    I think one of the keys to living in the moment is to be so organized that you don’t have to think about all the adult stuff. That’s my goal! If you organize those shelves ONCE (and keep them organized) then they’ll never take up time in your brain again. Sure there are some things that need regular doing (like meal planning) but you can even simplify that. Once you figure out systems that work for you, then you can spend less time planning your life and more time doing.

  8. I REALLY love that quote your father sent you. 🙂

    I can relate to you, Laura, and I’ll tell you the only conclusion I’ve come to for myself. I’m still in my medical residency (only 4 more months left!), and while this is very much “real life” for me, I still don’t have as much control over it as I’d like to. When I’m finally finished with this, I can have more say over my hours and I can set boundaries at work that are a bit more strict, and I’m hoping (!!!) that will take care of this chaotic feeling I have most days. Perhaps when you’re done with your internship you can have that same control and make a schedule that will help you live a fuller life outside of work. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing this insightful post!

  9. I completely understand where you’re coming from! I too am about to finish up my Masters in May in School Counseling and I also intern at a school. I have that same feeling of in-between all the time! It’s weird to know that your entire week is planned out for you to a T before it even starts…it’s exhausting! I’m a very future oriented person myself, but I find myself asking the same questions…what SHOULD I be doing versue what I WANT to be doing at any given moment. I’m hoping that once school is over, I’ll find that balance a little better 🙂

  10. Great post; I know what you mean about trying to check off all your to-do items so that you can start your real life. I’m only 6 months into my 30s, but I can tell you that I don’t think that’s a 20-something thing, but a lifelong thing. I think it’s all about finding a balance day to day, getting done what you have to do and what you want to do, and finding joy in the little things throughout your day that make life worth living.

  11. Claire

    Here’s a quotation from The Republic of Love, a novel by the Canadian author Carol Shields about routine: “Routine is liberating. It makes you feel in control. A paradox, isn’t it? You think your routines are controlling you, but in fact you’re using the routines to give you power.”

  12. Vanessa V

    As a college student, I always find myself counting the days until my next vacation, or when my finals will be over. Sometimes I have to step back and try to enjoy each day on the journey instead of just the end result. I don’t want to look back on my college years and just see them as ‘putting in time.’

  13. Monica

    I can relate too! I feel like I’m constantly waiting for my “real” life to begin. Im sure being in school definitely has something to do with this tendency.

  14. I’ve been reading your blog for awhile now (via Kath’s) but never commented.

    I really liked your post today. I DO think it’s very important to live in the moment…not in a irresponsible way, but in a enjoy all the moments that you do have. For me, this is especially SO true as a parent. I need to live in the moment and play with my kids…not think about the laundry that needs done, the dishes that needs washed, the trash that needs taken out, etc.

    Hope your vacation is FAB!

  15. Wow. I can so relate to this. This whole “living in the moment” overwhelms me. Exactly what you said – I would quit my job in a heart-beat…and then be left out on the streets…not so smart.

    It’s hard because the whole concept I think is too “romanticized” at times and real life responsibilities doesn’t make it realistic…

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